Friday, December 5, 2008

it's really just to make you giggle..

Music: KC's watching Christmas With The Kranks
Mood: good Good

so.. these aren't mine.. AT ALL.. i don't know how to make gifs nor do i own a program to do such.. but i wanted to post them anyway because they made me giggle.. so.. i bring these here to share the giggle. :)
for that itch you just can't seem to reach..

carlisle's college days..

for jd because she loves her some James McAvoy
oh jim...

because twilight owns our life!

because bella is horny!
the hales are hot!
and twimoms are pretty scary!

now.. tell me you didn't smile..

btw.. sorry if i hecka slowed your computer down!


  1. omigosh!! orange mocha frappuccinos!!! i love zoolander and them taking their place is complete hilarity. i watched can't hardly wait on my way to my sleepless night last night...small world...and i love that i can quote the majority of those movies. huntington hill high...kiss my ahhhhhhhhhh

  2. Holy Crap I didn't remember he was in Can't hardly wait. wow that was a long time ago. Awesome!


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