Thursday, May 21, 2009

2 days late.. so sue me..

mood: frackin' tired..
music: i keep singing On My Own in my head because of GLEE.

so yeah.. nothing.. absolutely NOTHING new with me.. it's disappointing really. jd can attest to the fact that the only things that have been happening to me lately have been in my dreams.. and even then, they're more nightmares than anything.

i don't have anything really to blog about except that the new moon poster is super sexy as are the people on it.. and i am brimming with jealousy people at the cannes film festival in france got to see a preview of the movie..

but never fear, at the MTV movie awards next week they'll probably be showing the same clip. i'm not so sure i wanna see it.. last go around with twilight i knew practically everything before it was happening.. even the stuff that strayed from the book.

supposedly new moon is going to be more haunting as it should be.. i already know way too much about the differences that i'd like to.. but yeah.. i'm whining..

miss you girls..

Monday, May 18, 2009

new banner..

and i'll post a new blog tomorrow.. not like anyone is really interested.. :)