Monday, March 9, 2009

Guess who's back... back again...

mood:crazy Crazy Happy!!!
music: KELLY!!!!

oh yes.. oh yes... my birthday is early this year!!! kelly clarkson is releasing her new album tomorrow and my goodness gracious i'm about as excited as i was for my wedding!! seriously! a great day in my life..

there was an internet leak, and let me tell you how proud how i am of myself for not caving and downloading it before it was released.. i feel like such a strong fan! AHAHAHHA...

but i come bearing gifts.. because my world consists of casey.. kelly clarkson and twilight.. so i have 2 of those worlds colliding in two different videos!!


i love her.. and i love twilight.. oh and i love casey also.

go get her new album because most of you are from texas.. bwahahahaha....

ok.. back to my corner..