Friday, August 22, 2008

my sister's engagement pics..

All these pictures are Copyrighted to Ed Pingol Photography.

i don't know how big these are going to up.. but since JD couldn't get the link to work.. i'll post them here for you guys.

I can't wait to see the wedding pictures!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

giants game last tuesday...

what a waste of a good night's sleep....

honestly... 6-0 against the marlins. they had two "hits" but really only had one in the ninth inning.

i swear i'll get to that post about my sister's wedding.. i'm going through some pictures right now..

you guys should look at their engagement pictures..

on the left.. the link for Ed Pingol Photography!!


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

fog me......

it's a wonder what sleep deprivation will do.... i haven't had a full night's sleep since last thursday. 

and i. am. tired.

i went through this with JD earlier.. and i'm sure she was bored out of her mind trying to keep up with my broken jagged ramblings. but basically i've been running around for the last week catering to my out of town family and finishing up things for my sister's wedding which was last weekend.

the weddings themselves were really nice. i cried more on saturday than i did on sunday... hehe.. i'll explain later when i'm more coherent.. this was just a little post to complain about my sleep deprivation... and because JD was tired of reading about fog.... Sha!

anyways..... we'll have a mini reunion in a few weeks!! which i'm so excited about!!

i'm going to the giants game tonight. let's see if i can stay awake.

love you girls...

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

fog you....

so.. there were plenty of reasons to come back to california after i was in texas.. one of the reasons i see every night.. it's not alive and it doesn't speak.. but it's comforting and makes me feel like i'm home..

i didn't take this picture.. but it's pretty much what i see everytime i go to my softball games. i used to pass this every morning and every night when i'd leave casey's house..

the feeling i get when i look over to the mountain and see the fog creeping over the ridge and through the trees it just something i can't explain. i can try now.. but it wouldn't do any good. it's just a sense of happiness and comfort that i get. it's why, besides casey and family, i needed to come home.

it's like fog is a part of my personality. it's gray and dreary but it makes me smile. people will be like "it's such an ugly day outside." and i'd be like.. "what are you talking about?! this is peninsula weather!! this is how it should be everyday!!" i like the dark weathers. sun and heat make me cranky and sleepy. san francisco fog is part of who i am.

and just to drive my point home..

was it not the perfect most perfect wedding day ever?! for me???

i might have been the only bride on 7.7.07 that was happy that there was fog!!

i rest my case. :)

for those that didn't like it...

that is all....

Sunday, August 3, 2008

breaking dawn.. W.O.W.

so... i just got off the phone with JD, i was waiting for her to finish reading breaking dawn so we could gush. and gush we did.

by far it's the best book of the series. and i once again thank jd with all my heart for completely obliterating my so-called social life when she introduced me to these books. no seriously.. :)

i don't want to ruin it for any of you, who happen to stumble on to my thing a ma blog that hasn't read it, but it's really good. and i knew i should have stayed away from the internet a little longer for me to enjoy my breaking dawn glow, but i hadn't checked my email all weekend so i needed to do that. then i stumbled over to some message boards to see what everyone else was thinking.. and for the majority that i read.. they were pretty much the same as jd and i.. but there were some that thought the story was horrid and they actually said they were dropping out of the twilight fandom... how is that even possible?? oh well.. their loss i think.. maybe they'll come back around sometime.. i don't care.. i loved it.. and i'm gonna read it again and again.

so.. on a side note, something completely non-twilight related, but definitely just as vital to my sanity.. casey and i put in another bid on a condo last week. i was hoping by the time i posted this that we would have a definite answer on where we stood. but hopefully, by mid september.. we should be moved in to our new condo and finally living as a married couple.. which is pretty much the best news i could ask for at this point.. although.. having a little nudger would rock my world in the best way possible.. :D ok.. so i couldn't help my self.. i had to relate it to twilight a little..

miss you girls.. :D