Friday, April 3, 2009

it's about damn time!!!

mood: lazy lazy
music: no music.. just casey sleepin' beside me

let's see if i can get this posted.. since internet at kc's house is horrific.. it freakin keeps cutting out..

anyways.. so... kelly's new album came out.. and as you can see by my new banner.. it's so good! seriously! some good stuff on here! it's rare that i can find an entire album that i don't mind listening to. no doubt had a cd like that i think it was return of saturn, you'd think i'd know it off the top of my head.. but still so yeah.. great freakin' album she's coming back with a vengeance and it's going to be fantastic!!

and oh yeah.. i went to a REALLY small town named forks and for being such a small town.. it's incredibly known throughout this little fandom called twilight.. you guys may have heard of it before.. hmm?? well.. i got some pics up here.. and on my facebook but i thought i'd post some just to show off my amazing "extended arm self portraits.." :) btw.. just to let you know.. there is a picture at the end that might not be appropriate for work.. it's not INCREDIBLY grotesque.. but it makes me giggle.. just a warning.. :) ok.. onward!

longest 50 miles EVER btw... i swear, when bella talks about the drive from port angeles to forks.. she's not kidding.. it's pretty much NOTHING...

hallelujah we made it!!!

our twilight room.. :) don't be jealous.. i would have preferred an Emmett room, but that's just me..

i had just got done telling my cousins and their friend how i have this aversion to onions, tomatoes and cilantro because they were making fun of the way i dip my chips into salsa.. which is like just the very corner of the chip so that all i get is the "juice" of the salsa, you know.. well i guess they thought that i said "i absolutely love everything about salsa.. gimme more onions, tomatoes and especially cilantro!!!!!!!" D: so they ordered pico de gallo, and i was like.. oh, i thought that was a kind of salsa.. maybe i've been wrong all this time and i might actually be able to eat some.. uh.. no. it is exactly the manifestation of all that is evil to me.. and to top it all off... the restaurant chops up jalapenos and tosses those into the disaster as well.. what the hell!?!?!? i couldn't help but laugh my head off because i was like.. "what on earth would make you think that i'd want to eat that if i'm dipping just the very corner of my chip into the salsa so i don't get anything on it?!?!?" incredulous.. :)

don't make fun of my faces.. it's been a very long day and an incredibly freezin' night..

this is Second Beach. we must have passed right by first beach because i didn't even see a sign for it!

La Push it! La Push it real good!
yeah.. umm.. i found a driftwood that looked like a thingy..


so there is my trip..

i'm really sorry the pictures are so massive.. i just took the html links.. and didn't bother resizing.. please forgive the laziness.. remember up there.. it says i'm lazy. :)

Nevermind.. i figured out how to change them. right on!

missed you guys.. wish you all could have come with...