Wednesday, January 28, 2009

WTF are you looking at?!

mood: bitchy annoyed
music: Huey Lewis - It's Alright (heh.. that's ironic)

so.. kellianne stole my thunder a little.. but that's alright.. i'm going to post my pet peeve anyway.. beware.. i'm vulgar in this one..

i have this thing.. i get unreasonably irritated at things that shouldn't illicit that much energy out of me.. but i do it, regardless.. that being said.. i abso-fuckin-lutely HATE when people stare. and i'm not talking about just looking at someone.. i'm talking about fuckin' staring. the "i don't know you, but i'm staring anyway" stare.. and if you know me.. i'm nothing special to stare at.. there's no distinct qualities about me that would make someone feel the need to stare or look for longer than a glance.. especially at 730 in the fuckin' morning on a tuesday.

anyway, so to get into the parking lot of the building that i work at, you have to make a u turn. well this tricked out civic is in front of me.. makes a u turn.. no big deal right?? it is if you make the fuckin' u turn from the far right lane.. fuckin' nimrod! so i'm sitting there like.. what the fuck?? you do not need that much room to make a u turn.. i can make a u turn hugging the center island.. whatever.. so i look over at the fucktard that made the fucktarded u turn and he's fuckin' staring at me.. in his car.. while he's turning.. ummm.. ok.

i'm like.. what the fuck ever weirdo.. and so of course.. he's going into the same parking lot as me.. and not only that.. he picks the spot that i usually take.. so i take one a few spaces down right. and i'm taking my time getting my shit together, purse, sweater, bag of chips that kc's mom asked me to bring in, you know.. essentials. well, i look up out of my windshield.. and the civic fucktard is standing out in front of his car and he's just watching me get my shit.. and by this point i've already lost my patience with the idiot because he made a fuckin' u turn from the far right lane.. honestly!! who taught this dimwit how to drive?! but i digress.. so.. i'm trying to make myself not give this guy the flaming bitch face from hell. but it's very difficult, because as i walk to the door, which is only like 20 feet away, he's fuckin' watching me the whole time!?! seriously, who is this creep?!
so right before i get into the building i turn slightly and give the motherfucker a scathing bitch face that says 'what the fuck are you looking at?!?' .. and shake my head and roll my eyes.. and so that kinda got me in a bad mood.. which i know.. is more pathetic on my part than on the creepo that was freakin' me the fuck out.. it could have been innocent.. it could have been nothing.. either way.. it kinda pissed me off.. and to that i say...

i feel better now. :)

and.. apologies for offending anyone with my crass language.. i feel the point of my peeve could not have been expressed fully without them.

JD.. Stop laughing.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

explique por favor....

Mood: awake awake.. when i should be sleeping....

maybe you guys might not need it.. the handful of you that actually read my blog.. but i'll give it to you anyway..

my new header.. which i am in freakin' love with.. but really i change it so often.. i think i have committment issues... hehe.. get it.. yeah.. so anyway..

the line is from Billy Madison.. and i apologize for the hideous dog at the end of the clip.. i really don't know what some people are thinking.. awful..

hehe.. adam sandler is a genius.. i saw a commercial for Billy Madison a few weeks ago.. maybe a week ago.. and told jd.. I HAVE TO MAKE A HEADER OR SOMETHING OUT OF THAT LINE!!!!

then the search was on to find the right pictures... there were a few.. but i think this one was probably the best of the other headers i made.. i giggle at myself for not having a life.. it's just something i've come to terms with.

so yeah.. enjoy your day. :) i've been away since casey left for work at 315am.. and it's now almost 6.. which means i have to start snoozing through my alarms anyways.. i have to be at work in an hour and a half.. i'm undecided if i should lay in bed and try and catch a few minutes of sleep or if i should just get up and start the day... tough one... my bed is so warm.. i think i'm going to stay.. :P

ok bye..

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Mood: nostalgic Nostalgic

just freakin' watch it.. and you'll cry and want to call all of your friends and tell them how much you love them!!

love you girls..

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Mood: full full

so.. just typing an entry for the sake of typing.. you think that's lame.. but i really love typing. it's not as easy on an iphone, so i took some time away from constantly checking to see if stories have been updated and if there is anything new on the news front for twilight and their stars and endlessly checking my email, even though i never have anything new.

this is just a post of me rambling.. (but really what entry do i have that actually has purpose and isn't me rambling about one thing or another??) you know.. mental health and whatnot.. some psychology major i am, right??

they are doing inventory at costco, so casey has been working all kinds of odd hours and this week i've hardly had time to see him. he started this workout regimen called p90x or something and it's this crazy heavy duty workout for 90 minutes for 90 days .. and he started it on jan 1st.. i can already see a change.. which is just incredible and completely disgusting at the same time.. incredible because wow.. it's only been like 2 weeks and he's already losing whatever little chub he had.. and his arms are getting bigger.. and you know i love me some strong arms.. and really it's only disgusting because i have zero ambition to start the work out (or a fraction of the workout) myself. which is why casey will now be referred to as "the ripped guy with the big girl wife." affectionately, of course. there's no use in denying what i am.

no really.. i should try and do something instead of either reading on the internet or reading in a book.. both of which are great hobbies.. but both are obviously not physically strenuous.. unless you count my eyes going fuzzy every now and then.. i should wear my glasses more often.. anyway.. so yeah..

i leave you with this.. because stewie looking out of my car window is probably one of the ugliest/funniest things i've ever seen..