Thursday, January 22, 2009

explique por favor....

Mood: awake awake.. when i should be sleeping....

maybe you guys might not need it.. the handful of you that actually read my blog.. but i'll give it to you anyway..

my new header.. which i am in freakin' love with.. but really i change it so often.. i think i have committment issues... hehe.. get it.. yeah.. so anyway..

the line is from Billy Madison.. and i apologize for the hideous dog at the end of the clip.. i really don't know what some people are thinking.. awful..

hehe.. adam sandler is a genius.. i saw a commercial for Billy Madison a few weeks ago.. maybe a week ago.. and told jd.. I HAVE TO MAKE A HEADER OR SOMETHING OUT OF THAT LINE!!!!

then the search was on to find the right pictures... there were a few.. but i think this one was probably the best of the other headers i made.. i giggle at myself for not having a life.. it's just something i've come to terms with.

so yeah.. enjoy your day. :) i've been away since casey left for work at 315am.. and it's now almost 6.. which means i have to start snoozing through my alarms anyways.. i have to be at work in an hour and a half.. i'm undecided if i should lay in bed and try and catch a few minutes of sleep or if i should just get up and start the day... tough one... my bed is so warm.. i think i'm going to stay.. :P

ok bye..

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  1. Can I just tell you I look forward to looking on your blog and checking out your new headers and photos. love ya


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