Wednesday, January 28, 2009

WTF are you looking at?!

mood: bitchy annoyed
music: Huey Lewis - It's Alright (heh.. that's ironic)

so.. kellianne stole my thunder a little.. but that's alright.. i'm going to post my pet peeve anyway.. beware.. i'm vulgar in this one..

i have this thing.. i get unreasonably irritated at things that shouldn't illicit that much energy out of me.. but i do it, regardless.. that being said.. i abso-fuckin-lutely HATE when people stare. and i'm not talking about just looking at someone.. i'm talking about fuckin' staring. the "i don't know you, but i'm staring anyway" stare.. and if you know me.. i'm nothing special to stare at.. there's no distinct qualities about me that would make someone feel the need to stare or look for longer than a glance.. especially at 730 in the fuckin' morning on a tuesday.

anyway, so to get into the parking lot of the building that i work at, you have to make a u turn. well this tricked out civic is in front of me.. makes a u turn.. no big deal right?? it is if you make the fuckin' u turn from the far right lane.. fuckin' nimrod! so i'm sitting there like.. what the fuck?? you do not need that much room to make a u turn.. i can make a u turn hugging the center island.. whatever.. so i look over at the fucktard that made the fucktarded u turn and he's fuckin' staring at me.. in his car.. while he's turning.. ummm.. ok.

i'm like.. what the fuck ever weirdo.. and so of course.. he's going into the same parking lot as me.. and not only that.. he picks the spot that i usually take.. so i take one a few spaces down right. and i'm taking my time getting my shit together, purse, sweater, bag of chips that kc's mom asked me to bring in, you know.. essentials. well, i look up out of my windshield.. and the civic fucktard is standing out in front of his car and he's just watching me get my shit.. and by this point i've already lost my patience with the idiot because he made a fuckin' u turn from the far right lane.. honestly!! who taught this dimwit how to drive?! but i digress.. so.. i'm trying to make myself not give this guy the flaming bitch face from hell. but it's very difficult, because as i walk to the door, which is only like 20 feet away, he's fuckin' watching me the whole time!?! seriously, who is this creep?!
so right before i get into the building i turn slightly and give the motherfucker a scathing bitch face that says 'what the fuck are you looking at?!?' .. and shake my head and roll my eyes.. and so that kinda got me in a bad mood.. which i know.. is more pathetic on my part than on the creepo that was freakin' me the fuck out.. it could have been innocent.. it could have been nothing.. either way.. it kinda pissed me off.. and to that i say...

i feel better now. :)

and.. apologies for offending anyone with my crass language.. i feel the point of my peeve could not have been expressed fully without them.

JD.. Stop laughing.


  1. i know you told me to stop laughing...but that in it of itself made me start laughing more!! hehehe haw haw haw!!!

    now i'm not good at remembering how to figure out ratios buuuutt you had a 16:25 fword:line ratio...that is not counting one word line roll overs...or the 4 f words you used in one line :)

    yes i'm crackin up all over the place. really val you can't help being so dang sexy and he couldn't contain himself by looking at your lovely lady lumps!!

  2. oh you crack me up! I HAD NO IDEA you were going to post something about having a pet-peeve! So sorry to take your thunder! I just have been irritated lately with a few of my pet peeves so I decided, why not express them every wednesday?!!? Miss you!!!


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