Saturday, January 17, 2009


Mood: full full

so.. just typing an entry for the sake of typing.. you think that's lame.. but i really love typing. it's not as easy on an iphone, so i took some time away from constantly checking to see if stories have been updated and if there is anything new on the news front for twilight and their stars and endlessly checking my email, even though i never have anything new.

this is just a post of me rambling.. (but really what entry do i have that actually has purpose and isn't me rambling about one thing or another??) you know.. mental health and whatnot.. some psychology major i am, right??

they are doing inventory at costco, so casey has been working all kinds of odd hours and this week i've hardly had time to see him. he started this workout regimen called p90x or something and it's this crazy heavy duty workout for 90 minutes for 90 days .. and he started it on jan 1st.. i can already see a change.. which is just incredible and completely disgusting at the same time.. incredible because wow.. it's only been like 2 weeks and he's already losing whatever little chub he had.. and his arms are getting bigger.. and you know i love me some strong arms.. and really it's only disgusting because i have zero ambition to start the work out (or a fraction of the workout) myself. which is why casey will now be referred to as "the ripped guy with the big girl wife." affectionately, of course. there's no use in denying what i am.

no really.. i should try and do something instead of either reading on the internet or reading in a book.. both of which are great hobbies.. but both are obviously not physically strenuous.. unless you count my eyes going fuzzy every now and then.. i should wear my glasses more often.. anyway.. so yeah..

i leave you with this.. because stewie looking out of my car window is probably one of the ugliest/funniest things i've ever seen..


  1. I LOVE THE PICTURE!! I just took pictures of our dogs doing the same thing!!! :)


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