Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2008, see ya!

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so... it's been another year.. and it's had a lot of ups and plenty of downs.. we've lost and gained and with everything.. those of us left standing.. will go on.

the beginning of this year was surreal.. it seemed that everywhere i looked or turned someone's life was being lost.. i couldn't believe it. but it of course makes you put your own life into perspective.. tomorrow isn't promised. make sure the people you care about know how you feel. because it's your family, as in family and friends, those one that are left behind that must deal with unanswered questions.

but 2008 also brought a lot of joy.. my friends are seriously blessed.. marriages, kellianne and my sister, and babies, JD and danni.. their families are expanding and it's wonderful.. i wish you all the best in the new year..

bonds were strengthened.. mainly in part, thanks to twilight.. but it was just a catalyst.. i now have 4 friends who i am even closer with because of that book along with all the other interests that we have in common. so thank you twilight and thank you BCBers just for being you.. i love you girls..

casey and i came close to getting our own place.. but at the "2nd out of the ninth inning we called the game".. which in the long run is the best decision we could have possibly made. thankfully we're not being forced out of our place now. so our need for a new place isn't as dire as some.. we still have the luxury of waiting for the right opportunity.

oh casey.. the man of my life.. most of the time we are a steady stream.. but we have our moments where we are a raging torrent of waves. thankfully we mesh well enough that it blows over within a day.. if that. he told me something on sunday before our 'raging torrential silent argument' that pretty much made my year. and next year too, hopefully. we'll just have to see.

so.. i have to work tomorrow night and ring in the new year with a bunch of strangers again.. but thankfully casey will make his midnight appearance for my new year's smoocharoo..

i wish you all a wonderful and safe new years.. love you all..

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  1. oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!! i love your new header!!!! i am laughing my head off as i type! this just made my new year all the better :)


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