Thursday, December 18, 2008

Wolverine: nice doggy..

Mood: Photobucket giddy
Music: Casey's watching 2 1/2 men again.

my love for hugh jackman stems from my sister i think. she told me about this guy in Xmen and he looked sexy.. so i gave a look. and that was it for me. hugh jackman is the ultimate sexy man for me.

click that link.. May 1st, 2009 is the date i'm looking forward to.. i am dragging casey to watch this movie so he can sit beside me and give me sideways glances as i drool and fangirl all over hugh jackman and all his manliness.

can i just say... i wasn't sure of taylor kitsch as gambit.. even though he was the one character that i have been waiting for since 2000 when the first xmen movie came out.. but.. hello..

he might be alright. :)

and hi, ryan reynolds and liev schreiber.. can i please have 2 hours of man candy.. yum.. freakin'.. o...

and because hugh jackman could quite possibly be the man of my dreams..

hello arms.. hello facial hair.. hello hair.. hello hello..

can i just.. ok... thanks..

wait a minute.. i forgot about my beloved eric bana.. he's not in Wolverine, but who cares!!
jd told me before that if i needed to describe my dream man.. it would be basically eric bana.. so.. hugh and eric.. just.. yum..

really.. this blog was just so i could gratuitously post pictures of hot men. :) you guys don't mind... do you??

ok.. /end fangirl moment..

the real man of my dreams!the hair.. the facial hair.. oh how i miss it.. at least he's got his arms and his hazel / green / brown eyes.. and you know i'll love him either way.. :) but i'm still trying to convince him to grow his hair out again..

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  1. your header is hilarious..."cookie" bwahahaha. and i love reading blogs that actually sound like a conversation with you.. ie under ryan renolds pic. miss you


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