Thursday, June 19, 2008

Nothing new

I don't really have anything to post about. But Danni posted three in
two days, so I feel left behind.

There still isn't any news yet on our housing situation. In fact,
Casey saw today that there is a new listing for the exact condo that
we bid on two months ago! I wish I knew more about real estate so I
could be like "what the ffffffff... Quit jerking us around!" I think
I'll shoot an email over to our guy to see what's up.

So get this, because Casey and I are soooooo exciting, guess what
we're doing for our One Year anniversary? Dinner and a movie! We're
gonna go watch The Strangers at the recommendation of JD and Danni. He
said he'd rather watch a thriller anyway. And of course anything that
will get Casey to venture out into public with me I'm all for. Now we
just have to figure out where to have dinner.

I helped my sister put some finishing touches on her invitations this
afternoon after my doctor appointment that JD called right in the
middle of! Hehe. But strangely enough she seems surprisingly calm for
less than two months to go until the wedding and she hasn't gotten the
invitations out yet and I'm the only one of her girls that has her
dress and fits into it! Its been a musical chairs of dresses between
those girls! I don't know why they didn't just order them from david's
bridal when she asked them to! Plus the groom hasn't picked out what
he wants the boys to wear. I've been trying to push my help onto her.
But she's stubborn.

Anyway, for having nothing to say I sure do babble on and on!! I'll
stop now.

Love you girls!

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Monday, June 9, 2008

i am country music-ed out....

yesterday... an altogether.. eventful day.. i went to the Kenny Chesney concert at AT&T Park. It was complete madness. How I did not fall down and get trampled it beyond me. There was more swearing and cussing between fans than there usually is at a baseball game.. strange.. i thought country folks were usually so well mannered. i guess it's just the ones that i hang out with.. :)

Kenny Chesney was the headliner, but Brooks & Dunn, Leann Rimes, Gary Allan, and some guy named Luke Bryan were all there. It was pretty cool! even though all together I only knew three songs from the five artists.. :/

Leann Rimes sang How Do I Live, which made Valerie a happy girl. I was sort of hoping that she would perform a song from Coyote Ugly, but I guess that would be pushing it.

I knew one song each from Kenny Chesney and Brooks and Dunn, and even then, it was only part of the chorus. haha.. i never claimed to be a HUGE country music fan.. just that i listen to it sometimes. haha..

But yeah.. so sunday was fun.

hope you all had a nice weekend.

miss you girls!

Friday, June 6, 2008

why do i do this to myself..

i must be a glutton for punishment, although today wasn't nearly as bad as last time i lunch with the people from work, they did only take 5 minutes to start into me and casey and my bracelets once again..

it's clear that i don't enjoy it, but i ignored them as much as i can. then we ordered and they forgot all about me.. which is definitely fine by me. i'd much rather be in the background than in the spotlight.

but.. yeah.. that's all.. nothing new with me. we got word back about the condo. i'm trying not to get my hopes up. it's still a few weeks to a month until they'll be done with the whole process. and then i think there is still the month for closing. so irritating. i hope we hear soon, one way or the other. hopefully positive, but it'll be nice to just know already.

miss you girls..