Thursday, June 19, 2008

Nothing new

I don't really have anything to post about. But Danni posted three in
two days, so I feel left behind.

There still isn't any news yet on our housing situation. In fact,
Casey saw today that there is a new listing for the exact condo that
we bid on two months ago! I wish I knew more about real estate so I
could be like "what the ffffffff... Quit jerking us around!" I think
I'll shoot an email over to our guy to see what's up.

So get this, because Casey and I are soooooo exciting, guess what
we're doing for our One Year anniversary? Dinner and a movie! We're
gonna go watch The Strangers at the recommendation of JD and Danni. He
said he'd rather watch a thriller anyway. And of course anything that
will get Casey to venture out into public with me I'm all for. Now we
just have to figure out where to have dinner.

I helped my sister put some finishing touches on her invitations this
afternoon after my doctor appointment that JD called right in the
middle of! Hehe. But strangely enough she seems surprisingly calm for
less than two months to go until the wedding and she hasn't gotten the
invitations out yet and I'm the only one of her girls that has her
dress and fits into it! Its been a musical chairs of dresses between
those girls! I don't know why they didn't just order them from david's
bridal when she asked them to! Plus the groom hasn't picked out what
he wants the boys to wear. I've been trying to push my help onto her.
But she's stubborn.

Anyway, for having nothing to say I sure do babble on and on!! I'll
stop now.

Love you girls!

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  1. oooOOOooo, The Strangers is like soooo good. I love Twilight Tuesday.


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