Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2008, see ya!

mood: thoughtful thoughtful
music: the flaming lips - do you realize

so... it's been another year.. and it's had a lot of ups and plenty of downs.. we've lost and gained and with everything.. those of us left standing.. will go on.

the beginning of this year was surreal.. it seemed that everywhere i looked or turned someone's life was being lost.. i couldn't believe it. but it of course makes you put your own life into perspective.. tomorrow isn't promised. make sure the people you care about know how you feel. because it's your family, as in family and friends, those one that are left behind that must deal with unanswered questions.

but 2008 also brought a lot of joy.. my friends are seriously blessed.. marriages, kellianne and my sister, and babies, JD and danni.. their families are expanding and it's wonderful.. i wish you all the best in the new year..

bonds were strengthened.. mainly in part, thanks to twilight.. but it was just a catalyst.. i now have 4 friends who i am even closer with because of that book along with all the other interests that we have in common. so thank you twilight and thank you BCBers just for being you.. i love you girls..

casey and i came close to getting our own place.. but at the "2nd out of the ninth inning we called the game".. which in the long run is the best decision we could have possibly made. thankfully we're not being forced out of our place now. so our need for a new place isn't as dire as some.. we still have the luxury of waiting for the right opportunity.

oh casey.. the man of my life.. most of the time we are a steady stream.. but we have our moments where we are a raging torrent of waves. thankfully we mesh well enough that it blows over within a day.. if that. he told me something on sunday before our 'raging torrential silent argument' that pretty much made my year. and next year too, hopefully. we'll just have to see.

so.. i have to work tomorrow night and ring in the new year with a bunch of strangers again.. but thankfully casey will make his midnight appearance for my new year's smoocharoo..

i wish you all a wonderful and safe new years.. love you all..

Sunday, December 21, 2008

how could i forget?!!?

Mood: good good
Music: nada..

so.. i had kc read my blog about the celery/cilantro bit just to show him how insane i am.. and he ended up scrolling down and seeing my wolverine post.. he turns to me and says.. "what? no gerard butler?" i gasped.. i can't believe i forgot about my beloved scottish man!!! how dare i?!!?

so.. for my enjoyment more than yours.. :) a picture of the yummy gerard butler.. just because he's freakin' rough looking and that. is. sexy.

also for my amusement.. because as much as i liked his hair longer.. i really like it short.. :) especially with that freakin' scruff...

and on a side note.. flat boxes are really freakin awkward to carry.. that's all i'm saying..
ok.. bye!

you moved the tea!!!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

3 posts in one day..

please someone.. find me a life.. i'm scared for myself..

so.. besides posting three times in less than 6 hours.. i went to mollie stones because i was hungry and didn't want to get quiznos with casey's mom.. but mollie's happens to be right next door.. so i skedaddled my tush on over to the overpriced semiorganic foods store and paid for an overpriced bag of prechopped romaine mix because i love me some salad and apparently will pay any price to get it..

now over the past few months, i have come to the realization that celery is not the evil vegetable i had told myself it was while growing up. i actually like it now, and will willingly snack on a few sticks without someone forcing me to or on a dare.. (seriously.. a dare.. what a waste.. but when i was younger, i probably would have said truth just to get out of taking a bite of one.. bleah. no. more. :) )

so i went to mollie's, picked up my bag o' green.. (get it, because i paid a lot of money too.. double meaning. ) and i bought some celery as well. shocking.. i know.

i used to pick celery out of everything.. or at my most extreme not eat the dish or whatever because there as celery in it.. but not anymore.. veggies in soup are good too! i like when the veggies are soft but not mush... ick..

moving on..

my kryptonite.. cilantro... dees-gus-ting! for me anyway... it ruins all tastes in a food for me.. and that's if i actually end up eating whatever it is.. usually i just pass or try to get the whatever made without this food ruiner of an herb.. or whatever cilantro is classified as.. and the worst part.. my dad absolutely LOVES it.. ick!! i can't even stand in the kitchen with cilantro out of the grocery bag.. the smell is just too potent..

i often get cilantro mixed up with flat leaf parsley... i'm sad at all the foods i may have passed up because i thought that the leaves of the flat leaf parsley may have been cilantro.. so i said.. "no ma'am." such is life.. of a picky eater i guess.
now.. onto the real reason for my post.. again.. as always.. random ramblings and i feel sorry that i subject you guys to this.. but not enough to stop posting. :)

i bought that thingy of celery.. well it was celery hearts or whatever.. i don't know.. it's the first time i've ventured into buying it... anyway.. so i open up the bag.. and what smell do i get smacked in the face by!?!? you'll like this.. it'll make you laugh. or not.. i think it's funny.. well either funny or just my luck.. but seriously.. i open it up.. and the smell of cilantro just engulfs my face.. and i hold back a gag.. "wtf?!?!! oh hell no...i wouldn't be able to eat celery if it smells like cilantro.. this can't be!!! what is happening with my mind, how could i have missed that?!" <-- those are all thoughts running through my head as i contemplate throwing the whole package out the window and taking a shower to get the ick off of me.. but.. thankfully.. my mind has not failed me and celery doesn't smell anything like cilantro.. it's just the bag?!!? what the hell is that about!? god or someone watching over me must just be laughing their pants off, thinking 'well.. she's giving celery a shot.. might as well jump on in with the cilantro also.. ' and i say to that..
NEVER!!!! cilantro is my enemy!! DO NOT WANT!!!

so yeah.. i swear this post was funnier in my head.. maybe i shouldn't have waited so long after the fact to post it.. oh well.. my god i'm rambling tonight.. jd.. thank your stars that i didn't blow up your phone with text messages about this! never ending.. ok.. i'm out.. sorry again.. i bore..

amused amused
Music: none.. just the incessant ramblings of my mind.. which i have just laid forth on all of you!

jd.. you are chagrinning my dazzle..

mood: Photobucket chagrinned

why?! why do you throw the "schm" joke to my FOTM (fanfic of the moment).

well. scotch, schmotch.. meh.. that didn't work.. but yes.. it's good like scotch is good.. possibly better because there isn't lemons.. as much.. well.. there aren't lemons in scotch really.. and if there is.. it's just starting.. but wide awake is more about the friendship between these two broken people that have nothing in common with everyone else.. but find everything in the other person.. does that even make sense???

bah! it's just good.. so read the shit out of it! because it's worth it!

ok.. damn it.. i fangirled again.. i am chagrinned at myself.. annoyed

best statement ever!!!!!!

mood: Photobucket Happy

so.. casey's brother comes into the room while i'm on my blog looking at JD's newest comment on my wolverine post..

well.. i'm scrolling down just enjoying the view of my sexy post with all the hot men and their gorgeousness... umm.. what was i saying?? oh yes.. casey's brother.. well he is looking over my shoulder and sees the eric bana picture.. and he goes 'oh hey.. he kinda looks like casey."

the smile on my face.. i love that statement!! casey does have an eric bana quality about him.. bwahahaha.. that sounds so funny! but yeah.. why?!? why?!? why do i fangirl like this?!!? why?!

and jd.. so.. you like my new banner, do you?! bet you don't really understand what it means though.. what with the whole oddly placed cookie about and whatnot.. !?!?

well.. fanfiction.. it rules my life.. that's all i'll say until you jump on the bandwagon and read wide awake..<---- click it.. you know you want to!!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Wolverine: nice doggy..

Mood: Photobucket giddy
Music: Casey's watching 2 1/2 men again.


my love for hugh jackman stems from my sister i think. she told me about this guy in Xmen and he looked sexy.. so i gave a look. and that was it for me. hugh jackman is the ultimate sexy man for me.

click that link.. May 1st, 2009 is the date i'm looking forward to.. i am dragging casey to watch this movie so he can sit beside me and give me sideways glances as i drool and fangirl all over hugh jackman and all his manliness.

can i just say... i wasn't sure of taylor kitsch as gambit.. even though he was the one character that i have been waiting for since 2000 when the first xmen movie came out.. but.. hello..

he might be alright. :)

and hi, ryan reynolds and liev schreiber.. can i please have 2 hours of man candy.. yum.. freakin'.. o...

and because hugh jackman could quite possibly be the man of my dreams..

hello arms.. hello facial hair.. hello hair.. hello hello..

can i just.. ok... thanks..

wait a minute.. i forgot about my beloved eric bana.. he's not in Wolverine, but who cares!!
jd told me before that if i needed to describe my dream man.. it would be basically eric bana.. so.. hugh and eric.. just.. yum..

really.. this blog was just so i could gratuitously post pictures of hot men. :) you guys don't mind... do you??

ok.. /end fangirl moment..

the real man of my dreams!the hair.. the facial hair.. oh how i miss it.. at least he's got his arms and his hazel / green / brown eyes.. and you know i'll love him either way.. :) but i'm still trying to convince him to grow his hair out again..

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

it just makes me giggle..

mood: goofy giggly
music: Smoke On the Water

that. is. all.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Parties can't even keep me awake!

I'm bartending.. And I'm so bored my eyelids are drooping. No
really... It's like yawn after yawn and then almost nodding off!

I'll give it to the "DJ" (and I put it in quotations because he's just
a guy sitting at a mixer with speakers. I think last year they had an
iPod hooked up to speakers playing on shuffle, but I digress), he
played Kelly clarkson's My Grown Up Christmas List twice which made me
smile! And then it ended and I went back to nodding off.

Oh yay! They're starting to dance now.. Nope, still not enough to keep
my interest. I hate when I count down the minutes until I can close.
The best parties are the ones where the first time I get to look at
the clock it's already 10:30. This is not one of those parties...

They're not dancing anymore.. I think it's because the "DJ" had the
nerve to play Shake Your Bon Bon. I would have skeedaddled off the
dance floor too! That is if by some miracle I actually made it to the
dance floor. KC makes fun of me for my interval dancing. You might be
thinking, 'why valerie.. What in the world is this interval dancing in
which you speak!?'

Interval dancing is me only dancing to the beat a few seconds at a
time because I'm so self conscious about the people around me on the
dance floor. Even though I know in the back of my head that they
couldn't possibly be paying attention to me anyway because they're
dancing themselves. Nevertheless.. I keep to my interval dancing.
Loser. I know.

But obviously, this blog is just me rambling on and on because typing
on my iphone is keeping my eyelids up. And I apologize for any typos,
I really just don't have enough energy to spare to go back and read
through this.

So... new Moon. Summit wants to recast Jacob Black. Whatcha guys think
of that? And if they do.. Who do you think would be a good person to
cast? I am in love with all things Steven Strait. But he is a little
too old looking.

Dammit! You know what pisses me off.. When people bring in their own
alcohol into these parties. I mean really?! What am I even doing out
here then? Why did I come in an hour early to set up? And why is there
a fucking liquor store display behind me if you're going to bring your
own damn liquor, you fucking cheapskate!

Sorry. I was just thinking about that. I think someone at the far table
has some shit under their table... AGAIN! Yes again.. They were asked
to GTFO with their illicit alcohol under the table earlier.

Anyway, so yeah, steven strait is yummy goodness! Have you seen the
Covenant and all the man candy in that movie!? It's insanity!!

Umm.. I'm sad to end this blog now.. But I will surely fall the hell
asleep in my ice bucket when I do.. But I guess I must.. Because I'll
be incredibly surprised if you guys were actually able to keep up and
read all the way through my incoherence and psychotic ramblings. Okey

Oh wait! I forgot.. I've been meaning to post this... Danni, I think
you were the only one that might remember this. My first year at ACU.
When my sister came to visit for my birthday.. Do you remember me going
into my monologue about my eating disorder. I don't know if Lanessa
reads my blog or not, but I went into this spiel where I was going to
go into Tiel and Dana's office one day in tears and confess to them of
my eating disorder. Something how I eat all the time because I have
reverse anorexia. I eat all the time because I just think I'm too
skinny. Oh my god! I had Lanessa in tears. That was some funny shit!

Ok really. I'm out now. To take an ice cold face plant into my ice
bucket. Bleah.

You moved the tea!!!!!!

Friday, December 5, 2008

it's really just to make you giggle..

Music: KC's watching Christmas With The Kranks
Mood: good Good

so.. these aren't mine.. AT ALL.. i don't know how to make gifs nor do i own a program to do such.. but i wanted to post them anyway because they made me giggle.. so.. i bring these here to share the giggle. :)





for that itch you just can't seem to reach..

carlisle's college days..

for jd because she loves her some James McAvoy

oh jim...

because twilight owns our life!

because bella is horny!

the hales are hot!

and twimoms are pretty scary!

now.. tell me you didn't smile..

btw.. sorry if i hecka slowed your computer down!