Friday, December 19, 2008

best statement ever!!!!!!

mood: Photobucket Happy

so.. casey's brother comes into the room while i'm on my blog looking at JD's newest comment on my wolverine post..

well.. i'm scrolling down just enjoying the view of my sexy post with all the hot men and their gorgeousness... umm.. what was i saying?? oh yes.. casey's brother.. well he is looking over my shoulder and sees the eric bana picture.. and he goes 'oh hey.. he kinda looks like casey."

the smile on my face.. i love that statement!! casey does have an eric bana quality about him.. bwahahaha.. that sounds so funny! but yeah.. why?!? why?!? why do i fangirl like this?!!? why?!

and jd.. so.. you like my new banner, do you?! bet you don't really understand what it means though.. what with the whole oddly placed cookie about and whatnot.. !?!?

well.. fanfiction.. it rules my life.. that's all i'll say until you jump on the bandwagon and read wide awake..<---- click it.. you know you want to!!!

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  1. :P i will read when i am good and ready thank you very it better than "scotch" b/c if its not i'm not wasting my time...and cookies? of course i dont get it...of COURSE it comes from one of your fanfics...b/c why else would it be there?!! :P so there...was i ranting just i just wanted to sound like it. wide awake schmide awake!!


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