Sunday, December 21, 2008

how could i forget?!!?

Mood: good good
Music: nada..

so.. i had kc read my blog about the celery/cilantro bit just to show him how insane i am.. and he ended up scrolling down and seeing my wolverine post.. he turns to me and says.. "what? no gerard butler?" i gasped.. i can't believe i forgot about my beloved scottish man!!! how dare i?!!?

so.. for my enjoyment more than yours.. :) a picture of the yummy gerard butler.. just because he's freakin' rough looking and that. is. sexy.

also for my amusement.. because as much as i liked his hair longer.. i really like it short.. :) especially with that freakin' scruff...

and on a side note.. flat boxes are really freakin awkward to carry.. that's all i'm saying..
ok.. bye!

you moved the tea!!!!

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