Friday, December 19, 2008

jd.. you are chagrinning my dazzle..

mood: Photobucket chagrinned

why?! why do you throw the "schm" joke to my FOTM (fanfic of the moment).

well. scotch, schmotch.. meh.. that didn't work.. but yes.. it's good like scotch is good.. possibly better because there isn't lemons.. as much.. well.. there aren't lemons in scotch really.. and if there is.. it's just starting.. but wide awake is more about the friendship between these two broken people that have nothing in common with everyone else.. but find everything in the other person.. does that even make sense???

bah! it's just good.. so read the shit out of it! because it's worth it!

ok.. damn it.. i fangirled again.. i am chagrinned at myself.. annoyed

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  1. bwahahaha i mean wait...bwahahaha. sure sure you know i will read it eventually. when i give up on waiting for updates with the others. and now that we were scotch smotching...and talkin about lemons i now feel like i want to watch lemony i'm gonna go do that. hehehe i got under your skin...hahahahaha


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