Saturday, December 13, 2008

Parties can't even keep me awake!

I'm bartending.. And I'm so bored my eyelids are drooping. No
really... It's like yawn after yawn and then almost nodding off!

I'll give it to the "DJ" (and I put it in quotations because he's just
a guy sitting at a mixer with speakers. I think last year they had an
iPod hooked up to speakers playing on shuffle, but I digress), he
played Kelly clarkson's My Grown Up Christmas List twice which made me
smile! And then it ended and I went back to nodding off.

Oh yay! They're starting to dance now.. Nope, still not enough to keep
my interest. I hate when I count down the minutes until I can close.
The best parties are the ones where the first time I get to look at
the clock it's already 10:30. This is not one of those parties...

They're not dancing anymore.. I think it's because the "DJ" had the
nerve to play Shake Your Bon Bon. I would have skeedaddled off the
dance floor too! That is if by some miracle I actually made it to the
dance floor. KC makes fun of me for my interval dancing. You might be
thinking, 'why valerie.. What in the world is this interval dancing in
which you speak!?'

Interval dancing is me only dancing to the beat a few seconds at a
time because I'm so self conscious about the people around me on the
dance floor. Even though I know in the back of my head that they
couldn't possibly be paying attention to me anyway because they're
dancing themselves. Nevertheless.. I keep to my interval dancing.
Loser. I know.

But obviously, this blog is just me rambling on and on because typing
on my iphone is keeping my eyelids up. And I apologize for any typos,
I really just don't have enough energy to spare to go back and read
through this.

So... new Moon. Summit wants to recast Jacob Black. Whatcha guys think
of that? And if they do.. Who do you think would be a good person to
cast? I am in love with all things Steven Strait. But he is a little
too old looking.

Dammit! You know what pisses me off.. When people bring in their own
alcohol into these parties. I mean really?! What am I even doing out
here then? Why did I come in an hour early to set up? And why is there
a fucking liquor store display behind me if you're going to bring your
own damn liquor, you fucking cheapskate!

Sorry. I was just thinking about that. I think someone at the far table
has some shit under their table... AGAIN! Yes again.. They were asked
to GTFO with their illicit alcohol under the table earlier.

Anyway, so yeah, steven strait is yummy goodness! Have you seen the
Covenant and all the man candy in that movie!? It's insanity!!

Umm.. I'm sad to end this blog now.. But I will surely fall the hell
asleep in my ice bucket when I do.. But I guess I must.. Because I'll
be incredibly surprised if you guys were actually able to keep up and
read all the way through my incoherence and psychotic ramblings. Okey

Oh wait! I forgot.. I've been meaning to post this... Danni, I think
you were the only one that might remember this. My first year at ACU.
When my sister came to visit for my birthday.. Do you remember me going
into my monologue about my eating disorder. I don't know if Lanessa
reads my blog or not, but I went into this spiel where I was going to
go into Tiel and Dana's office one day in tears and confess to them of
my eating disorder. Something how I eat all the time because I have
reverse anorexia. I eat all the time because I just think I'm too
skinny. Oh my god! I had Lanessa in tears. That was some funny shit!

Ok really. I'm out now. To take an ice cold face plant into my ice
bucket. Bleah.

You moved the tea!!!!!!

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  1. w.o.w. i feel sorry for you after reading that blog...good thing we gave up our weekend no texting rules...i might have kept you awake for 10 minutes longer. you know what i think about summit right now...down with the scumbuckets!!!! leave taylor be!!! he is perfect! if they can make frodo 2 ft tall they can make jacob 6 ft tall...i mean REALLY!! and steven straight...he can be sam since he is the oldest. k that's all...o and heck yes i remember your eating disorder. i think i was your designated driver to make sure you didn't skip out on your therapy!!!


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