Friday, December 19, 2008

3 posts in one day..

please someone.. find me a life.. i'm scared for myself..

so.. besides posting three times in less than 6 hours.. i went to mollie stones because i was hungry and didn't want to get quiznos with casey's mom.. but mollie's happens to be right next door.. so i skedaddled my tush on over to the overpriced semiorganic foods store and paid for an overpriced bag of prechopped romaine mix because i love me some salad and apparently will pay any price to get it..

now over the past few months, i have come to the realization that celery is not the evil vegetable i had told myself it was while growing up. i actually like it now, and will willingly snack on a few sticks without someone forcing me to or on a dare.. (seriously.. a dare.. what a waste.. but when i was younger, i probably would have said truth just to get out of taking a bite of one.. bleah. no. more. :) )

so i went to mollie's, picked up my bag o' green.. (get it, because i paid a lot of money too.. double meaning. ) and i bought some celery as well. shocking.. i know.

i used to pick celery out of everything.. or at my most extreme not eat the dish or whatever because there as celery in it.. but not anymore.. veggies in soup are good too! i like when the veggies are soft but not mush... ick..

moving on..

my kryptonite.. cilantro... dees-gus-ting! for me anyway... it ruins all tastes in a food for me.. and that's if i actually end up eating whatever it is.. usually i just pass or try to get the whatever made without this food ruiner of an herb.. or whatever cilantro is classified as.. and the worst part.. my dad absolutely LOVES it.. ick!! i can't even stand in the kitchen with cilantro out of the grocery bag.. the smell is just too potent..

i often get cilantro mixed up with flat leaf parsley... i'm sad at all the foods i may have passed up because i thought that the leaves of the flat leaf parsley may have been cilantro.. so i said.. "no ma'am." such is life.. of a picky eater i guess.
now.. onto the real reason for my post.. again.. as always.. random ramblings and i feel sorry that i subject you guys to this.. but not enough to stop posting. :)

i bought that thingy of celery.. well it was celery hearts or whatever.. i don't know.. it's the first time i've ventured into buying it... anyway.. so i open up the bag.. and what smell do i get smacked in the face by!?!? you'll like this.. it'll make you laugh. or not.. i think it's funny.. well either funny or just my luck.. but seriously.. i open it up.. and the smell of cilantro just engulfs my face.. and i hold back a gag.. "wtf?!?!! oh hell no...i wouldn't be able to eat celery if it smells like cilantro.. this can't be!!! what is happening with my mind, how could i have missed that?!" <-- those are all thoughts running through my head as i contemplate throwing the whole package out the window and taking a shower to get the ick off of me.. but.. thankfully.. my mind has not failed me and celery doesn't smell anything like cilantro.. it's just the bag?!!? what the hell is that about!? god or someone watching over me must just be laughing their pants off, thinking 'well.. she's giving celery a shot.. might as well jump on in with the cilantro also.. ' and i say to that..
NEVER!!!! cilantro is my enemy!! DO NOT WANT!!!

so yeah.. i swear this post was funnier in my head.. maybe i shouldn't have waited so long after the fact to post it.. oh well.. my god i'm rambling tonight.. jd.. thank your stars that i didn't blow up your phone with text messages about this! never ending.. ok.. i'm out.. sorry again.. i bore..

amused amused
Music: none.. just the incessant ramblings of my mind.. which i have just laid forth on all of you!

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  1. bwahahahaahhahaa i don't know if i'm laughing at the hilarity of this...or the omigoshness of how you need to get away from a computer for 5 days and go do something! come to texas...i will throw all computers away within a 5 mile radius of you!!


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