Friday, July 18, 2008

Update, my friends

So.... Since my last post, and its been so long i can't even remember
what it was about... I thought I'd update you guys on the happenings
of my life.

So in the past two weeks I celebrated my one year wedding anniversary
with casey and our eight year being together anniversary. Eight years
is such a long time! But I'm happy to say we are still getting along
just as well as when we first started going out. Which I just love.

We went to dinner and then went to reserve my copy of Breaking Dawn
and then headed over to the theater in the mall to watch Love Guru for
our anniversary. We're low key. It doesn't take much to make us happy.

So.... As you all know Twilight has pretty much owned my existence
since the moment I opened the book back in May. Well they launched a
new trailer for the movie and if there was a way to make me even more
anxious for anything Twilight, this was it. This movie, although i'm
expecting it to be different from the book, is going to be so good.

Ok, enough about Twilight. Last Sunday, I threw a wedding shower for
my sister. And let me tell you.... Its tough work, being a hostess. At
least I didnt have to worry about food. We had it catered at the
hotel. The games were fun, except for the fact that I had to do all
the talking. Thank goodness casey was there for me to concentrate on,
or else I might not have been able to get through it. Public speaking
is one of my worst fears. Especially since I'm so bad at it. I have an
offhand sense of humor, it was obvious that only casey and my sister
were understanding some of my jokes. But of course, that didnt stop me
from acting like I would in any other situation when i'm nervous... I
use sarcasm. I'm not sure if they followed that either. Oh well... I
guess it was good practice for the wedding when I have to speak in
front of something like 300 people. Its going to be awful. And of
course I won't have anything written down. I had to wing my wedding
vows because I couldn't put anything into writing. I imagine my speech
will be much like that.

Anyway... I had to take stewie to the vet the other day because he
kept making these choking noises. And it scared the hell out of me. It
happened that he had a pretty good sized piece if food stuck in his
esophagus and it was blocking his breathing sometimes. But he finally
coughed it up two days later. So now he's fine. Back to being the
adorable little gremlin that we're used to.

And that's all she wrote.

iPhonezy out....