Sunday, January 24, 2010

it's been like 18 years...

ok not really.. but it's been an insane amount of time since i posted an entry..

and really it was just to update my header with something even prettier than the previous one..

although since i'm not on my laptop i couldn't edit more than just color and tint.. :( not that the cast needs all that much prettying up.. they're gorgeous how they are..

and as we type i'm i'm watching the Somebody To Love music video on the DVDs that casey love bought for me for christmas and Glee really never ceases to make me smile.

also.. girls.. if you're still checking blogs.. which i doubt.. bc i won't lie.. i haven't checked anyone's in over 3 months..

i can't wait to go over to houston in june. really.. it's going to be amazing.. and i'm so so so happy for kristin even though her being ready to pop at the moment we're going to watch Eclipse, we'll miss her there.. it won't be the same, but she made me promise to go with her when i got back from my texas rendezvous to continue our tradition of watching twilights together. :)

okey dokes.. really this was just so i could change the header..

k peace out.