Monday, June 9, 2008

i am country music-ed out....

yesterday... an altogether.. eventful day.. i went to the Kenny Chesney concert at AT&T Park. It was complete madness. How I did not fall down and get trampled it beyond me. There was more swearing and cussing between fans than there usually is at a baseball game.. strange.. i thought country folks were usually so well mannered. i guess it's just the ones that i hang out with.. :)

Kenny Chesney was the headliner, but Brooks & Dunn, Leann Rimes, Gary Allan, and some guy named Luke Bryan were all there. It was pretty cool! even though all together I only knew three songs from the five artists.. :/

Leann Rimes sang How Do I Live, which made Valerie a happy girl. I was sort of hoping that she would perform a song from Coyote Ugly, but I guess that would be pushing it.

I knew one song each from Kenny Chesney and Brooks and Dunn, and even then, it was only part of the chorus. haha.. i never claimed to be a HUGE country music fan.. just that i listen to it sometimes. haha..

But yeah.. so sunday was fun.

hope you all had a nice weekend.

miss you girls!

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  1. so i'm at the mom in laws...and i can get to your site from her house...but i can't do it from mine...hmmm maybe i should ask alice what's in store for the future of our friendship (if you are cutting me out or what?!) j/k I can't wait till K-Luv's wedding...we are going to have a blast!


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