Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thank you for the music...

Music: Twilight.. of course..
Mood: awake Awake but so ready to pass out..

so.. today was thanksgiving.. and i have a lot to be thankful for... i have a wonderful family a great circuit of friends and so much love in my life.. i feel like i'm bursting with it sometimes.

my sister had to go to work this afternoon so casey and i went over to my parents house early this year.. which was insane, since usually my family has their dinners around 9 or 10... one time we sat down for dinner on new years eve right as the ball was dropping.. but i helped my mom cook and my whole family was there.. at it was really nice. we are almost never all together like that anymore.. especially since casey and i got married. i don't make it down to redwood city quite as often as i should anymore.

casey's family didn't make a big to do about the holiday. not this year anyway.. it's too difficult for everyone. this day last year.. casey's family came over and we had a homerun derby at the park down the road.. it was really fun to have us all together like that.. and now.. it'll never be like that again.. and it's kind of like a dark cloud over everything now.. but i really believe that lindsey would have wanted them to celebrate.. this was her absolute favorite time of the year.. so it's going to be really hard for his family this upcoming month..

but i don't vocalize how much i'm thankful for.. and i definitely want them all to know.. i even gave my brother a hug today.. and if you know how our relationship is.. eeps.. hugs are like non existent.. but it was nice.. i don't express my love for my family enough.. i turn things into sarcastic remarks and cut down on them.. but really. i love them more than anything. we have a strange dynamic, from the outside, it might seem like we are crass to one another.. but really it's all love. from the looks of irritation all the way down to the nicknames we've given each other.. it's all in good fun.. most of the time. :P

and i'm incredibly thankful for my friends, my four incredible friends.. we've kind of been bound together by twilight which makes me even more thankful for twilight.. we lost a little contact after we went our separate ways.. but twilight has brought us back into a tight little circle.. and i couldn't begin to express how good it is to call you girls my friends and kindred spirits.

and for the man in my life.. the one that makes my days brighter, even when we argue.. i couldn't have asked for a more perfect guy for me.. we compliment each other in the best ways.. and thank goodness i found him when i did.. or else.. i'd probably still be single. :)

and because i love them.. :)

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  1. you know what i'm thankful for. well besides our gilmore/twilight induced friendship...well its that we can be sarcastic butt holes to each other...know its out of love and then ask each other fallopian tube questions the next day. its great.


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