Thursday, November 20, 2008

i can't concentrate....

Music: Pachelbel - Canon In D
Mood: frustrated Frustrated and Aggravated aggravated

for some reason.. i seriously cannot concentrate on anything today.

i'm thinking it's because of tonight.. but i wasn't even this whacked out the day before my wedding.. well no.. i take that back.. the day before my wedding i actually broke down and finally cried. i cried because of all the emotion that was building up in me. casey was like "WTH?? are you okay?" and i'm like yeah.. it's just about time that i finally let the emotions run out of me.. and of course.. it was crying like a blubbering child 5 minutes before the camera crew got there to interview casey and i about the wedding.. what a freakin' crazy disaster..

but yeah.. so i digress.. it's a different kind of feeling. although.. Pachelbel is making it easier to relax.. that's why i love classical music.. just listening to the different instruments coming together to make something so beautiful and meaningful.. it's amazing.. when i go to the symphony, it's more to watch the instruments than listen to them. i'm enthralled by the amount of talent and passion that musicians have for their craft.. it's amazing..

i don't know what's up with me.. i should be happy.. today has been a really good day.. casey is really the best person in the world for me.. there's no question about that.. he makes me feel loved ...


  1. ur blog makes me smile....i may not have to see the movie again i can just watch your blog

  2. um excuse me.... DID YOU LIKE THE MOVIE?????? I NEED TO KNOW!

    thanks. bye.

    Ps- this is says leslie... long story. :)

  3. that header doesn't do the guy justice if you claim he's cute. And if someone has seizures... your blog is gonna cause one. Tis a bit much.

    Have you heard of Despereaux? Maybe you can start obsessing over him... he's sooooo cute!

  4. shut up, katie.. i like my animations.. :)

    and.. i may be flogged by my friends.. but after seeing the movie.. i think Robert Pattinson is less cute.. :o/ oopsies...

    who the hell is despereaux??!?

    i don't have time to obsess over him.. New Moon is becoming a movie!! yay!! you promised you'd come see twilight with me.. we can giggle at it.. because i know i couldn't stop.. :)


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