Tuesday, November 25, 2008

it has come to my attention...

Music: Twilight Score.. Win!
Mood: Grumpy grumpy

it has come to my attention that a certain half shih tzu half pomeranian thinks that he is better than a certain scraggly shih tzu that is in my care. this both saddens and annoys the hell out of me!

This Man-Faced Dog right here thinks that he is better than my adorable grungy little penguin faced Stewie.

As quoted from Morty's representative, a one Kathleen Malkinson,

"Mortimer Ebenezar Esquire will be joining you guys for Thanksgiving dinner but he too is concerned about Tui's hygiene. Please see to it that he shakes off his fleas before he attempts to approach Mortimer Ebenzar Esquire Malkinson. Mortimer Ebenzar Esquire Malkinson is also concerned that Tui will try to share water with him. This is not acceptable behavior and it is up to you to make sure a respectable distance is kept between Mortimer Ebenzar Esquire and said mongrel. Many thanks for your cooperation and of course, Happy Thanksgiving =)"

this Mortimer Ebenezar.. Pssshhhaaa!! and Esquire?!?! Honestly?? this Chewbacca wanna-be thinks he's a decendent from Royalty. He thinks he's a Blue Blood where as Stewie would just be considered Blue Collar.

Well, "Mortimer Ebenezar" , Stewie has one thing to say to you .....

"Shush yo face! I'm gonna pee on your bed! You better watch your back and sleep with one eye open!"


  1. I regret to inform you that HRH Mortimer Ebenezar won't be attending your little family function. Another event has come up, one he cannot pass up. It's a shame, he was looking forward to seeing his peculiar looking sibling. HRH Mortimer Ebenezar would like to extend he deepest apologies for this late change in plans but I'm sure you understand. He'll try to make time to pass by and say hello for a second at his earliest opening in his schedule.

  2. stewie says: "look here you dumb ho! you better get that self-righteous mongrel of yours to that damn house or there will be hell to pay!"

    valerie says: i don't know where stewie learned that language... but i'm proud of him.

  3. ok, I'm cracking up!!!!! I love this post! Stewie is sooo damn cute Val! Our Shi- Tzu's MUST MEET! :)


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