Monday, November 24, 2008

silence! i kill you!

Music: Las Palmas - Bethany Joy Lenz, Christmas Canon - Transsiberian Orchestra

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so.. for anyone that doesn't know what the title means, obviously hasn't seen Jeff Dunham's stand up. he's the guy that plays with puppets.. he's the only puppetteer that i can watch. his "friends" don't freak me the hell out!

so.. i'm sitting in the living room, with my laptop and headphones in because casey and his brother are watching jeff dunham on blu-ray. and i swear the only reason i'm sitting here is because i love hearing casey laugh. he never laughs like this.. like serious laughing. it's adorable. the only times i see him laugh like this are when he's watching stand up or when he's with his family. usually when he laughs at me, it's more because i'm exasperating or he thinks i'm being cute. even if i'm not the cause of it. i still love seeing him like this..

so.. thursday is thanksgiving.. and my mom asked if stewie was coming.. and of course he's going to come with, i wouldn't leave for a holiday and not bring my Tu'i face. then she asks me if he's going to get a bath before he comes over. and i'm like.. "no! and he's going to sleep on your bed!" now keep in mind that my dog right now looks like a freakin' walking piece of gross smelling fur, because casey's other dog loves to use stewie as a chew toy. it's irritating. i will give him a bath and then in a few hours he'll smell like dog spit again.. bleah!

but yeah.. he's my baby.. and yeah.. this post had NO real reason. but i wanted to post something.. i'm supposed to go to see twilight sometime soon with casey, we'll see when that actually happens... he seems excited to see it.. me too.. but that's because i didn't get enough of emmett the first time around. :)

also.. my sister said that i had too many animations on my blog.. sorry.. i'll stop adding them.. she hurt my twilight heart.. :o/

have a great week!

You moved the tea!!!!


  1. val, i actually have watched jeff dunham's stand up. really funny stuff but it's really my boyfriend that loves watching him more than me. i like the jalapeno puppet. lol.

  2. * i have jeff dunham's spark of insanity on my dvr and it is waiting for me to put my books down and watch it!
    *mitchell only laughs hard when he is with bryan or i tickle the hell out of him...or somehow i say something surprisingly funny...he doesn't get my humor the way you do
    *i cannot wait to see the movie again...once is not enough. i need more.
    *and you can never have too many twilighty thingys. i mean really your blog rocks my face off
    *and who is this anne that beat me to posting a comment on your blog?!! hi anne :)

  3. oh val, i love reading your randomness!

    i love stewie!!!!! its kinda funny because that conversation you had with your mom about bringing the dog SOUNDS JUST LIKE the convo's I have with my parents about rocky and nakona.... talk about annoying!

    anyway... GOO TWILIGHT!
    the end. :)

  4. Hello infidel....what the hell happened to my legs!!!!

  5. Mortimer Ebenezar Esquire will be joining you guys for Thanksgiving dinner but he too is concerned about Tui's hygiene. Please see to it that he shakes off his fleas before he attempts to approach Mortimer Ebenzar Esquire Malkinson. Mortimer Ebenzar Esquire Malkinson is also concerned that Tui will try to share water with him. This is not acceptable behavior and it is up to you to make sure a respectable distance is kept between Mortimer Ebenzar Esquire and said mongrel. Many thanks for your cooperation and of course, Happy Thanksgiving =)


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