Saturday, December 1, 2007

moving out....

so i have this dilemma.. right now casey and i live downstairs in his parents house. we don't pay rent, we don't buy food. we don't pay for utilities. we pretty much just live here. i help out as much as i can with the cleaning and washing clothes and other things. but casey's parents pretty much cover everything else. casey's cute... he's optimistic that we'll be out of here by the end of january. i think it's a cute idea. that gives us just under two months to get approved and find a place within our price range and move everything that we have out and then back in. now... the problem. we live in california. we don't have jobs that pay 6 figures and we are living in one of the top five most expensive areas to live in, in the united states. i mean.. there's thinking positively and then there's just dreaming. the kind of home i want.. is a dream. the kind of home that casey wants is positive thinking. he wants a single bedroom condo. which.. when and from how it's looking right now IF we ever start a family... a single bedroom condo might only cut it for about the first year or two.

my sister is getting married in august. she wants to go look at an open house tomorrow with her fiance. it's a house in the next city over, 4 bedrooms 3 bathrooms.. now.. imagine in california how much that would cost... i'm thinking maybe 850,000 i'll be surprised if it's less.. now the reason she wants casey and i to go look at it with her is because she wants us to go in on it and buy it with them. the idea.. on the surface.. is practical. i make the least amount of money between the four of us and that is with two jobs. but the situation is not ideal. i don't want to live with another married couple. what the hell is that?!? granted it would be my sister.. but like my sister started her toast at the wedding.. "valerie's been my roommate for ever." i don't want that. casey and i are already "not really" married. we're not on our own and we're not living like married couples should live.. and i know that i should be happy and glad that we're not hurting for money yet because we're not spending anything yet. people are telling us not to rush out of his parents house because it's just the way of california now. it's hard to live on your own if you don't have a really good job.

i just want to get a place in a good area where i don't feel like i'm drowning and suffocating every month to keep the utilities working and the mortgage paid. i want to be comfortable and not have to worry about creditors calling up and looking for payments.

if only casey would consider moving to texas.. ;)


  1. When I started to read your post I thought of one thing and one thing only ( before I finished reading)


    Then I read the last part " only if casey would move to texas" DAMNIT VAL...MAKE HIM MOVE! :) just make him do it....does your body double need to convince him? :)

  2. Preach on sister! Do not live with your sister...move away from your mother in law so you can start a married life. How? Very easy...move out of California!!! I know he won't move to Texas, but New Mexico has pretty parts and pretty cheap parts too. I think where Candice is from, it's cheaper living than Abilene. I dunno...Y'all have MANY options out there...Make Casey wake up and smell the Foldgers!


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