Friday, December 14, 2007

this one is for my Schrockstar...

Just kidding.... it's for everyone!! the whole handful of you guys! :)

kellianne pointed out that apparently i've been slacking off on posting regularly.. so i'll just ramble..

warning.. random thoughts ahead... this might get long and scary. you know how i love to type.

have you guys seen hairspray?? when casey and i went on our honeymoon at the end of july/beginning of august carnival cruises was promoting the hell out of that movie! i swear.. i must have watched that featurette at least 6 times a day... once i started watching it i couldn't stop.. and of course it's on the channel that turns on right when the tv is powered on. addicting.. and it's comforting at the same time because i just bought the 2 disc special "shake and Shimmy" edition.. and it's got the same featurette which just brings me back to the islands.. such a fantastic week.. but that's a different branch on this tree of random thoughts.. anyway.. they have this one extra where you can learn the steps to a couple of the dances.. i watched it.. and was tempted to get up and try the moves.. but there are a few things holding me back.. 1. i have this unrealistic fear that there is someone in the window watching my every movement.. kind of like that guy in "Waiting".. where he couldn't go pee in public bathrooms.. same deal.. i don't know what it is.. but it's crazy that i can be self conscious in "my own home" (and you know why i put those in quotation marks.. ) anyway.. hairspray is good.. but it wasn't great.. i was expecting more.. i tend to even skip chapters through the songs that just aren't that entertaining.. i love that all the actors sing and dance though.. i love musicals.. they make me smile.. by far.. Phantom of the Opera, the movie is probably one of my favoritest.. only because Gerard Butler is my Scottish God! like a greek god, but scottish.. besides.. HAVE YOU SEEN 300!?!?!?!? HELLO?!!??!?! enough said..

i'm at work right now and i keep looking at this picture of my dog stewie.. and it's right beside this picture that i printed out of the worm from "Labrynth" you know which one i'm talking about.. he said.. in a english accent... "don't go that way... never go that way... she should have gone the other way.. would have taken her straight to the castle." well.. this worm looks like my stewie! ehhee.. i swear.. there are sometimes where stewie is looking up at us and he just looks like he's say.. "don't go that way.. go the other way." so of course.. since casey loves to give our dogs their own voices.. he ended up giving stewie a voice that is pretty much that worm with a Stitch kind of cross/mix.. it's funny.. even though we had to put casey's other dog down.. a beautiful purebred black lab, a week before thanksgiving.. he still gets "channelled" from her. it's so funny.. casey will be talking and then all of a sudden Ashes will start speaking.. and then when she's done casey pretends to shake out of it.. he's so weird.. i'm glad he's okay enough to do that though. i was afraid he wasn't going to recover from having to put her down.

casey and i made this deal.. we weren't going to buy each other anything for christmas.. and of course.. every year we tell each other that we're not going to buy anything for each other and we end up always getting something.. but of course i always go over board.. thankfully casey's birthday is in february so i can save a thing or two for his birthday, so i can stretch out the "dang it! i told you not to get me anything" attitude until then. :) i'd tell you guys what i got him but he might read this thing-a-ma-blog so i won't put it up until after.

and on the subject of christmas.. i feel terrible.. casey's mom was having a heck of a time trying to figure out what to get me.. and i'm like really.. nothing is perfectly fine.. but of course, since i'm like her "only daughter" she needed to get me something. well for our wedding we ended up getting like 4 cookware sets.. 2 of the same exact one.. HELLO?!?! what in the hell are registries good for if you end up getting 4 cooking sets and 3 blenders?!? but i digress.. i have recently become obsessed with Rachael Ray.. and i know that she's annoying to some people.. but I LOVE HER!! she's adorably goofy.. it's funny to watch her! so.. i decided that i wanted to get her pots and pans set because they're a pretty blue... well the reason i feel bad is because UPS dropped them off at the house the other day and i answered the door.. and of course.. since they're christmas presents and they're surprises.. they weren't properly wrapped... OF COURSE.. i open the door.. and see them sitting outside the door and i look back at casey's mom and say "i probably wasn't supposed to see those, was i?" she got sad and left the room.. i felt terrible.. not only for ruining the surprise but also for her buying them.. they're not cheap.. but casey's mom is one of those people... if she wants it.. and you can afford it without going under, then get it.. why not? and unfortunately i think she's rubbing off some of that mentality on me. poor casey.. me and his mom together shopping is a deadly combination.. especially for electronics or phones.. thankfully we both have the iphone.. she bought hers back in july and got it the day before our wedding. i only got mine in the beginning of november.. casey said that i can't get another phone for another four years.. and i was all confused.. "i hadn't heard that from cingular.. is that their new policy.. " where he came back with.. "no it's mine." hhmmpphhh.. it's okay though.. becuase i don't really want to change back and forth from this phone.. which JD knows was like my favoritest past time.. haha.. this year i have had 4 phones.. my razr got decapitated.. i went to open it up and the freakin flap completely fell off.. i missed that phone call.. :)

so... enough randomness for today.. is that good for you KLuv?!?!?!

i hope everyone has a pleasant weekend.. tonight i get to help my mom at the hotel. we have a quinceneara tomorrow that we have to set up for. and i'm going to help her put chair covers and bows on the chairs.. which is exactly what i was doing about 5 months and 1 week ago today!!! :) can you guess why??



  1. If you read your blog fast enough, it seems as though you may have been channeling Lorelai. You were literally movin and groovin on down your to comment on all things Valerai (hehe)...Hairspray I loved...and I totally get the whole fast forwarding through songs, I totally did that through RENT and only listened to two songs...who knew the whole movie was about AIDS (maybe everyone but I have been sheltered)...moving on...300 left me speechless...We aren't buying Christmas presents either...well we'll see...that's so cute about the cooking ware...and I totally love Rachel Ray...back in those dreadful days of being pregnant and hot in the summer with out any cable...I would watch her every afternoon, because it was either her or Judge (someone or other...and I ain't watching no judge)...And casey's cell phone plan is a good will be ok with the best cell phone ever until they come out with a new one...maybe it will have a similair design, you can buy it and send your other one to me ;) ...we'll keep that a secret...I think I have hit everything there...I love you, miss you and I believe I channeled Lorelai a little she's been busy.

  2. yes that was such a great post! I read it the day you posted but HAD NO TIME to comment! I just love your little random stories, they are so funny! To comment about Rachel Ray...hmmm I'm one of those people who she annoys the shite out of! For some reason -she just hits that bone in my body thaTt makes me cringe, I don't know why. I want a new cell phone but I'm so broke that I can't even afford a bag of chips at work. NOW THAT'S SAD! I hope you enjoy your new cook ware! :)


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