Saturday, December 29, 2007

Blogging at work

I'm bartending tonight. And I thought my wedding had obscure music.
This couple picked weirder music than casey did!! But the bride's
dress is absolutely beautiful. I think its from David's Bridal. I
vaguely remember trying on something similar in red. This one is a lot
like mine except strapless. The blue in the back I'd a little
different. But what bride is going to say someone else's dress is
nicer than their own?? I like it. But I dont think I could have found
a more perfect dress for me. But that's just me.

So... Christmas was fun. My first christmas as a married woman. It was
memorable. We had two Christmases, which I think is how its always
going to be from now on. We spent most of Christmas eve with casey's
family. Then at around 1030 we went over to my family's house because
we celebrate on the 24th. Casey's family does the while Christmas
morning thing. I ended up losing my car keys on Christmas day. And I
still haven't got any idea where I put them.

And on a sidenote, since its fresh on my mind.... Kellianne.... Dont
register at target. They'll screw you on returns. We ended up getting
3 of the same cookware sets and target wouldn't let us return it
without a gift receipt. Well, we didnt get the gift receipts. So
basically I'm good on cookware for the next FORTY YEARS!!!!

Anyway... I should get back to work!!

Have a safe new year everyone! Love you!

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  1. Maybe you dropped your keys in a freaky graveyard after your friend's husband scared the bajeebus out of you? Just a thought...

  2. I totally want an iPod. Not really though...I don't think i could let Jaxon eat it...and you need to take care of those keys...I can't keep driving you back to graveyards to look for them the next day.


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