Monday, December 17, 2007

surveys help pass the time...

Are you available?: Not for a long time. I wouldn’t even know how to be single again.
What is your age?: 24
Astrology Sign?: Pisces!!

• B
Do you know anyone named Brian?: why yes.. as a matter of fact.
When is your birthday?: March 18th

• C
What’s your favorite candy? Hmm.. fruity.. Starbust.. chocolately… Caramelo!
What color is your computer? black

• D
Do you daydream?: yes I do!
Whats your favorite kind of dog? Favorite kind of dog has always been Huskies.. But I love my Shih Tzu, Stewie Face!

• E
Have you ever been to the emergency room? Hahaha.. countless times
Ever pet an elephant? Nope.. I think circus’ freak me out a little

• F
Do you use fly swatters? Hehe.. yes… and I get on missions where I have to kill all of them!!!
Do you like Fall Out Boy? I don’t own anything of theirs.. but I guess they’re okay

• G
Do you chew gum?: yup
Do you like gory movies?: I’ve sat through saw 2 so I guess I can handle them
Girlfriend? Aww.. I love my friends!! And they’re all girls.. although I’d love a gay guy as a friend

• H
How are you? Sick and tired of feeling like I’m in a rut.
What's your height?: 5'5”
What color is your hair? Dark brown baby!
Have you ever ice skated?: oh yeah! But not since I was a youngin’

• J
Favorite Jelly Bean?: hmm.. I’m cool off of jelly beans.. I had this phase where I was hooked on jelly bellys for a while and I got hecka sick.. I think it was because of the buttered popcorn one.
Do you wear jewelery?: oh yes.. never leave home without them. Earrings, necklace and rings on each ring finger.. and can’t forget the tongue ring!

Who do you want to kill?: FLIES!!!!
Have you ever flown a kite?: it’s been ages
Do you think kangaroos are cute?: I guess.. but I love the kangaroo in the cartoon that keeps beating up Sylvester!! CLASSIC!

• L
Are you laid back? I’d say so.. usually I just go with the flow
Lions or tigers? Bears..
Do you like black liquorice?: gag me! Heck no.. although I recently realized that root beer smells just like black licorice.. but I can still drink that. Go figure..

• M
Favorite store at the Mall?: Target, Torrid and FOOD COURT!
Favorite movie?: The Grinch, an movie for the ages! But there are too many

• N
Do you have a nickname?: Babygirl, Tina, Ballerina…
Do you prefer night or day?: night..

• O
Are you an only child? Third of four..
Do you like the color orange? Oooh yes… very much!

Do you know anyone named Penelope?: the family van. She’s falling apart.. poor girl
Favorite flavor of popcorn?: kettle.. is there any other way to go?!

• R
Do you think you're always right? I try to stand by my word.. usually i won’t be pushy if I think there’s a chance I might be wrong
Do you watch reality TV?: eehh.. not really

• S
Do you prefer sun or rain?: rain!! I love gloomy days!
Do you like snow?: I’ve only seen it a few times.. but I enjoy a romp in the snow every now and again

• T
Time to go to sleep?: last night was midnight-ish.. usually around there
Tomatoes?: depends on how I feel.. not preferably.. but they won’t kill me

• U
Can you ride a unicycle?: hehe.. that’d be funny to watch. Wouldn’t it?!
Do you know anyone with a unibrow?: hehehehe… We Met on the LPGA Tour… (anyone, anyone, where’s that line from?!?)

• V
Did you ever watch Veggie Tales?: heh.. nope… I don’t have a child.

• W
What's your worst habit?: eating until I’m STUFFED and letting the bedroom get messy and cluttered..
What do you want right now?: to find a job I absolutely LOVE…

• X
Have you ever had an x-ray?: hahaha.. PLENTY! Sonogram too.. and I wasn’t even pregnant.

• Y
Do you like the color yellow?: I guess.. it brings me bad memories..
Do you yell when you're angry?: actually I get really high pitched.. I’ll yell if I’m really upset though

Do you believe in the zodiac?: I guess so.. but I won’t put too much stock in them

Six lasts:
6. Last dream: I don’t really remember.. but I think it was a bad one.. because I’ve been in a funky mood all morning.
5. Last beverage: mmm.. cold water!
4. Last person to make you laugh: Cassie & Adriana last night at dinner.. and my Tu’I foot!
3. Last phone call: The Ho, my Mamacita!
2. Last time you cried?: hmm… I think it was because my migraine hurt so bad it brought me to tears.. that and the fact that I was hunched over the toilet seat waiting to throw up! Not a good night for me.
1. Last time you hugged someone?: caseybabyloveness this morning when he left for work. as a matter of fact.. i need a hug right now.

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