Thursday, December 20, 2007

hundred dollars richer!!!

whoo hoo!!! you read that right!!! i won 100 bucks from the Hotel!!

we had our holiday party today. i took lunch from one job to go to the other job so that i could get a present! well they have a new thing at the hotel. we played bingo first, after we ate some FANTASTIC food!! yum-o! so we played three games of bingo with one card.. the first game was 4 corners.. and of course.. in that game i get 5 across! go figure! but i ended up winning the next game before they even called any numbers!! :) we got to choose between two prizes.. and i picked the one that looked like a box of chocolates! haha.. not that i wanted that.. but it turns out that i could have won a camcorder... which would have been cool.. but that would have meant that casey and i would have had three between the two of us and the two that he already has, don't get enough use as it is! (he still hasn't uploaded the vids from the cruise.. which was 4 months ago!!! hahahaha... )

so... random post.. have a super fabulous day!

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  1. MERRY a few days...i was thinking of you today and teared up a bit...Miss you and love you and enjoy your 'last' first Christmas as Valerie Gale!


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