Thursday, February 19, 2009

sometimes.... you feel like a nut..

Mood: cranky cranky
Music: i'm whistling the same inane notes over and over... bc it bothers people sometimes.. and that's what kind of mood in..


sometimes i just need : piss someone off like they piss me off.

somtimes i want : to punch the fuckin' wall.

somtimes i like to : just be annoying as fuck.. because i'm petulant like that.

sometimes all it takes : is one line to really piss me the fuck off.

somtimes i picture : grinning like a fool while everyone around me is grumpy and pissy.

sometimes i wish : i didn't have such a short fuse.. but what kind of fun would that be.

sometimes i find : that i am immature.. and sometimes it doesn't bother me.

sometimes i take : a deep breath.. even though it doesn't help.

sometimes i look: happy.

sometimes i hate: myself.. for hating other people, which then pisses me off.

sometimes it’s nice: to pretend like you're doing alright.. .

sometimes it hurts: when people are fuckin'g bastard pricks..

sometimes it makes me happy : no.. i can't find anything for that right now..

sometimes it’s sad: i'm in this kind of mood.

sometimes i listen : to music too loud to drown out anger.

sometimes i sleep: angry.

sometimes i like to watch : things on youtube to make me laugh.

sometimes i feel: happy.. but right now i'm fuckin' pissed the fuck off..

sometimes i rant: when i'm pissed off.. can you tell??

sometimes i never: want to leave the house.

sometimes i really: to just start my life.

When I’m .....

sad, i want: a drink

happy, i need: to cry

mad, i wish: i had a punching bag

overjoyed, i find: fault in things, still..

indifferent, i like to: try and sleep it off

content, i never: want it to go away.

frustrated, all it takes: a word from the only person that makes me happy to drive me over the edge.. then i'm alone in the world..

If you had the choice of going back in time to or go forward in time to see the future, which would you choose?
i wouldn't.. what's happened in the past has molded to be who i am and the way i see things.. i can't change who i am.. i can only change what i'll be. and right now... i want to NOT be pissed the fuck off...



  1. :( i'm giving you a texas size hug right now.

  2. just some advice I threw my phone at the wall because i was having a real bad day. It wasn't fun plastering the wall back up and now it pisses me off every time I have to look at my shitty plaster job. I havn't gotten around to painting it yet.


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