Friday, February 6, 2009

procrastinating p90x

mood: lazy lazy
music: none, because i'm too lazy to plug my ipod on it's dock..

but apparently not lazy enough to post! go figure..

i hate it.. there.. i said it.. i. hate. p. 90. x. yeah yeah yeah.. jd said to keep with it. and i intend to.. but that doesn't mean that i won't gripe about it. even if i do show results.. which i'm not yet.. of course, since i've half assed all the workouts this week. give me a break. i went from being an absolute slug to trying to keep up with this extreme ass work out.. it might turn into p120x. we'll see if i have the drive to keep up with it for 4 months.. meh.. who knows..

so anyway.. i've decided, that whenever i post an entry from my laptop i'm going to also change my header.. because i'm ADD like that.. (no offense to anyone that suffers from it.. promise.. ) i have commitment issues with looking at the same header everytime after a new post.. i'm weird.. i know this.

so yeah.. tgi-m-effing-f, i have to work all weekend.. which is a good thing.. or else my car would go unpaid and it'd get repossessed. and we don't want that. uh uh. no we don't. can you tell i'm stalling?? no.. ok.. i'll be a little more obvious....

i don't want to work out.. AT ALL. how was that?? and who am i talking to when i address the reader personally?? weird, eh?? meh..

so yeah.. i hope you enjoy the new header.. even though i know i'll be the only one staring at it for minutes at a time.. :) it's how i spend my free time..

i think that's it.. kc just worked out.. and in a month he is already starting to show results.. you'd think that would motivate me to get sexy.. but.... ok a little.. but not enough to get out of this warm bed, because yes.. i come home, change into shorts and crawl into my king size bed with the electric blanket on and cruise the internet for new twilight crap. this is the culmination of my day. exciting isn't it?? i know.. i wish there were more Me's in this world too...

ok.. snarkiness over.. i'm going to go do some shadow boxing.. i was thinking i'd like to take up kick boxing.. that'd be a good way to work out, be sexy, and learn to defend myself, all in the same class! neat, eh?! we'll see if i'd ever follow through on that plan!

wow.. i'm just a ball of contradictions.. i'm out of here before i get really depressed..

have a suavtastic evening. hahahaa..

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  1. ummm you know the teacher from charlie brown? you know...when she talks is just makes that wah wah wah noise...yeah that's u...jk...i will be the same when i work out...later in life. :) your header is sexy tho.


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