Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Happy Birthday, Baby Love

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Music: Maroon 5 - Little Of Your Time

this is for my CaseyLove.. today is his birthday. and we're apart.. no on tuesdays i go to my parents house to watch my little brother. it's a new routine that my family has acclimated themselves with. long story. not important.

so, since we're not really doing anything for kc's birthday until this saturday.. valentine's day, i came down here. his family is coming over this weekend. so i guess we'll celebrate some kind of valentine's day before or after.. obviously.

but.. as you can see.. i have a new banner.. it's from stewie.. he's so creative.. for having huge eyes and no thumbs.. pretty talented for a dog. for a human, it's mediocre.. but it's the thought.. right??

so yeah.. basically... i wanted to post about my husband.. because he is the man in my life.. and he makes me happy.. i wish we could have done something for your birthday, baby boy.

there's always next week i guess.. or after may.. when we're both not p90x-ing.

love.. with all my heart..

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