Tuesday, February 10, 2009

let's play blog tag..

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Music: kings of leon - taper jean girl

i've been tasered.. i mean.. tagged.. by kellianne..

i'm gonna post 10 honest/hecka random/facts about me! i know.. you all can hardly contain your excitement!

and away we go...

1. i can listen to any one song over and over and over for any extended period of time without getting sick of it.. same goes with movies.

2. my baby brother, no matter how much of a pain in the ass he is, is the glue that holds my family together. without him, we would have imploded... but since we needed to all work around being home with him..

3. kc is the best guy i've ever met.. really..

4. kelly clarkson is my absolute favorite.. ever..

5. i have dropped my iphone more times that i can count.. and it saddens me.

6. i miss having friends that i can hang out with with just a phone call. we all live too far.. it's hard to believe that i miss texas, when i was so adament about getting back to california..

7. at any given time, i can have more than $700 worth of apple products on my person. iphone, nanos, and kc's mom's ipod.. it's sickening..

8. stewie needs a haircut so freakin' bad!!!

9. i like to carry stewie around like a baby.. i won't comment further on it..

10. i like to cook... if only i had my own kitchen.. :(

okey dokes.. tag yourself! i mean.. ok.. katie.. kristen.. jd.. danni already did it.. kluv tagged me.. anne.. joh.. leandra.. gimme your fun facts!

happy birthday casey baby!!!

and... because even if you've seen the red carpet interviews.. this one is unlike any you've ever watched.. twilighters at their best!! LOL FOREVER!!!!


  1. im glad im not the only one who likes to carry their dog like a baby! :) shih tzus really are babies so its ok to admit it.:)

  2. Hey Val! I love the blog! Hope you're doing well! Baseball season's almost near!


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