Sunday, October 26, 2008

twilight phenomena

so it's not like we didn't know that twilight was a crazy phenomenon..

but i was at work on saturday night bartending for what happened to be my favoritest party i've ever worked.. it was a quinceneara.. and i was pouring some of the girls a virgin margarita.. which really isn't even worth it if you think about it.. it's just lime juice and sweet and sour mix with ice.. i guess they just wanted to take advantage of the open bar.. even though they were talking about drinking already.. which unnerved me.. i mean, you're 15.. and you're drinking already?? i didn't even have a sip of something alcoholic when i turned 21.. but i guess i'm a little different.. but i digress...

anyway.. so i'm making these "fake" drinks for these girls so they can feel older, i guess.. and one of them starts talking to her friend about this show on HBO called True Blood and i just start grinning like a freakin' crazy person.. she's telling her friend the premise of the show, like the girl who can read minds falls in love with a vampire.. and she goes "oh my god.. this is such a rip off of twilight." and i almost laugh out loud.. and while she's talking i just kind of turn slightly and go.. "like twilight??" and point to my book sitting on the table behind me.. bwahahhahaa.. and then they go.. "aww... twilight.. i love that book.. " and i'm just grinning.. because i love that it's so popular.. i understand that there is a whole decade between me and them.. but i don't give a damn.. because the story of twilight transcends all generations.. :)

and that's my story..


  1. Can I just tell you Val how utterly amazing your blog is. I love all the twilight pictures and videos. It's way cool. I keep scrolling down and find more and more great things that make me smile. Only 19 more days. CAn't freaken wait!!!!


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