Monday, October 13, 2008

happy things...

as if i didn't have enough things to smile about today.. i love my new banner... :) it just makes me so smiley!!! and it's even better because i stayed up until 1 am touching up this and lightening up that... and this is the finished work.. and i'm pretty darn proud of it!!

and on top of that.. they released the running time for twilight, which is going to be 30 minutes longer than they originally released.. 2 whole freakin' hours of twilighty goodness!! which is just as close to heaven on earth that i can see right now!! this movie is going to turn towns inside out.. i can just see it now!! it's not entirely like Harry Potter.. but i think Twilight fans are much more ravenous.. and we will fight and scartch and bite and attack anyone who gets in our way.. ok.. i might stand off to the side and watch.. but still.. it'll be interesting to see what kind of animals this movie turns it's fans into on that opening weekend..

which reminds me.. kristin.. we're going to the show.. where and when during the weekend.. if there is a midnight showing do you want to do that on thursday night or just find a time during the weekend to watch it.. let me know.. it'll be mayhem.. and i think i might bring my ACU batting helmet just in case.. :)

so.. this morning.. i was going to post a whiney.. sad post about my old friend again.. yesterday was her birthday.. and even though we had that falling out the day after our wedding.. we have only talked about 3 times since then.. and it's been 15 months since casey and i got married.. anyway.. i called her to wish her a happy birthday.. and really... i don't know why i subject myself to this friendship.. or onesided friendship.. or whatever it is.. i was giving it a chance.. i don't know what else to do, i've taken the first step forward and she theoretically stepped back..

first she didn't even recognize my number.. which means that she either erased my number from her phone or she's gotten a new one and didn't have mine memorized to program it.. i really hope to god that it's the second one.. i'd hate to think that 15 years of friendship means pretty much nothing in the grand scheme of my lifetime.. i mean.. 15 years is more than half of my life.. so, i wished her a happy birthday after telling her who i was.. which is probably what bothers me the most of the whole conversation.. and then she asked the usual.. how are you.. fine.. you?.. good.. good.. pleasantries that we never had to do before.. but now it's awkward.. and strained.. i hate it.. of course she asks if we have any babies on the way yet.. and i stifle a laugh at her and say no.. not yet.. and then turn it around and ask her if she has any on the way.. just a quip.. not sure if she got it.. she's usually good about catching my sarcasm.. but it's probably even more difficult to tell now.. since my humor with her is dryer and not as playful anymore.. so yeah.. she was out to lunch with her parents so i just wished her a happy birthday again and left it at that.

now.. seriously.. it only bothers me because she seems completely unphased by the lack of communication between us.. and that's what hurts.. being "best friends" for 14 years and then on a misundertanding that was solely her fault.. :) ... we (she) calls it quits.. ok fine.. i'm done trying.. i hate feeling this way after talking to her.. so that's it.. i'm out...

i really wasn't planning on blogging all of this in light of the great news that casey and i got this morning.. we finally got the word about our town house!!!! you think you guys can fly in to help casey and i move into our townhouse, in 17 days?!?!?!?!? that's right.. november 1st.. we've got the ok to move in... and i couldn't be happier.. no really.. it might not be showing. but i swear.. on the inside i'm like a bundle of happy nerves.. i really can't wait.. it's going to be awesome.. and even though it's small.. it'll be great because it'll be ours and that's what is going to make it amazing..

yeah.. that's all.. join me in a happy dance!!!


You moved the tea!!!!!


  1. ok reading, reading, reading... blah blah blah.. Oh ok good stuff! Forget her, she'll be sad and lonely one day and realize she's made a mistake. Next... maybe we can tape up and paint the condo before we unpack your stuff. Just move all the stuff to the middle of the rooms at first. Yay! so happy for you guys.. and happy for me too cause now I have place to pee on that side of town. =)

  2. wahooooo! you get to have sunday romps in your own home!!!! wahooo! now the only person to interrupt is me...calling about something useless! i'm so excited...and ditto from above...she's the missin out on the friend. not you.


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