Friday, October 24, 2008

eeps!!! i'm so excited!!

so for those of you that really know me.. you know i get obsessive.. and well.. twilight is my obsession right now..

in almost exactly 27 days, the twilight movie is getting released in theatres and i swear.. i'm seriously giddy.. i haven't been this giddy on the inside since my wedding day waiting to walk down the aisle.. and then water works started. but that's neither here nor there.. the point it.. i can't wait!!

i just saw a tv spot for twilight on youtube and oh my goodness gracious.. this movie could own my soul if i let it.. and i probably would.. but i'm kind of attached to it.. but for now.. with an exception to casey.. it owns my every waking second.. :)

ok that's all.. fangirly time.. over.. for now..


  1. your excited about twilight? i had no idea :) hehe i actually saw it on a real commercial break...we were watching regular tv and there it was...i screamed and told everyone to shut i haven't seen it before.

  2. you saw it on tv?? i haven't seen it yet.. but apparently there is another tv spot with just a little bit more.. another shot from prom and a little bit more of bella attacking edward for their kiss..

    so yeah.. only 24 more days!


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