Thursday, October 9, 2008

please don't read this.. it's not worth it..

i really don't have anything to blog about.. so i figure i'll just ramble on and on about random happenings in my life..

my sister and i have a standing agreement, if you will, to go get pedicures every few weeks. we hadn't gone since before k-luv's wedding, so we went last tuesday.. the ladies there are very nice and friendly. well, my sister and i went in there later in the evening, so there wasn't any other customers except one lady who was getting her nail polish removed or something.. well, my sister and i pick out our colors and go to the chairs they set up for us. and then there starts some kind of argument but not really between one of the ladies and the other customer. the lady wanted her to pay first before they did something. but i don't know if the customer girl took it as saying that she was going leave without paying or what.. it was all very uncomfortable.. i didn't see anything wrong with it.. if you pay first in full.. and then if you like what they did, add a little tip, that's no big deal, right? well she kind of got all fussy and left.. and then a few minutes pass and the lady that the girl argued with was doing my sister's nails and apologized for what happened earlier.. and told us that that girl had done that before or it's happened to them before where they removed the polish and the customer didn't pay.. like seriously.. you can't do that at home.. you have to pay?? i understand if you're going to get something else done, like another color, but just removal?? whatever.. lazy ho.

anyway.. i'm reading Something Blue getting really into it because it's at a good part, and i hear the lady doing my sister say.. "this is a beautiful color.. " and i hadn't been paying attention because when i look down to my sister's foot i see the brightest hot green neon color i've ever seen... brighter than neon signs.. and i start cracking up.. and then they all start cracking up and my sister gets all self conscious like.. wtf.. what's wrong with it.. and i could barely get out that i just didn't expect to see a color like that when i heard the girl say it was a beautiful color.. yes it's very nice.. but my eyes bugged out when i saw it and i couldn't help but laugh..

and that's all.. really not a lot going on with my life lately.. we're still waiting to hear about the townhouse.. casey's family had set up traps in the garage, and ended up catching three mice in one evening.. i heard two of the traps snap shut, but i just couldn't bring myself to go out there and look if the trap had gotten anything.. i figure if i hear it snap.. that's good enough for me..

plus, the other time they'd caught something a few months ago.. i was reading my book and i heard it snap, and i practically jumped out of my skin of scared the bejebus out of me.. and then i could still hear the little arm scratching at the trap trying to get free i imagine.. and that was enough.. i didn't need to see it.. i imagined it.. and i've been haunted by it ever since..

oh yeah.. it's fleet week in san francisco. the blue angels are in town, and at noon today they're going to start practicing all around the bay, flying the skies and what not.. i kind of want to go to the city this weekend to see it.. but it's just going to be so crowded and i have a baptism to go to on saturday for my cousin's baby boy.. but navy men and airforce guys all over the city.. what more could a girl want... to look at??? :)

anyway.. so yeah.. i really hope you didn't read that whole long thing. it really wasn't worth it.. if i could give those minutes of your life back.. i would..

and by the way.. NEW TWILIGHT TRAILER tonight!!!!


You moved the tea!!!!

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  1. your blogs about nothing are always worth always add a little zing to them...o and i do love the new header!


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