Sunday, April 6, 2008

We have made contact...

Yesterday lindsey came back.

I'll explain... Her parents and casey's mom went to a woman who is
kind of like John Edwards. She communicates with people who have
passed. Well, they went there hoping that lindsey might come through
and not only did lindsey come through but so did casey's grandma. The
same one that passed in 2004 (right before we went to regionals, and I
was ready to leave everything and fly home to be with casey and his
family, but I digress.) so this woman, right when they walked in said,
"you're here looking for your daughter." and proceeded to tell them
things from lindsey. Things that only family members would know. I
believe that this woman was the real thing. She sure did ease
lindsey's parents' grief. They couldn't have done anything and she
went without pain. And her grandma was there to "catch" her when she
passed. They'll still hurt, but you can see they're a little more
carefree, not as guilt ridden anymore.

It was nice that the grandma was there too.

On another note, casey and I went to look at two condos today. The
second one was much better than the first. I was ready to put an offer
right then, but casey wants to keep looking. Which I understand, but I
dont really want to miss an opportunity when I've found something that
I like and then still try to keep looking for something else.
Especially how the market is now. I feel like we'll miss out on this
space that has a really great location in the complex. But he wants to
keep looking. I hope we find something soon. I'm getting stir crazy at
that house. Especially with the feeling of moving out so close and
just within grasp. If we miss out on this one I might just have to
force casey to move to Texas! ;o)

Love you girls.

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  1. ill keep telling myself you'll move here! :) there is always hope!


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