Friday, April 11, 2008

by george..

i've got it.

i think the i've realized the reason why i've been so smiley is just the mere idea of moving out of casey's family's house. :)

we signed some papers with the real estate agent yesterday afternoon to get the process moving. we're paying a lot of money for a really small space. but i think it really doesn't matter as long as we get to move out and be on our own.

i don't even mind having to pay for utilities and foods and stuff because it'll be our own place that we'll be going home to. and that's exciting. it's a one bedroom loft style condo. casey absolutely LOVED it and i thought it was cute. it would have been really cool if we were able to try and get the bigger space but with this one we're spending less than our loan was initially for, which is huge, because then casey doesn't have to take that much out of his savings like we were going to do before. so yay.. casey's savings are still intact and it makes me thinks... why didn't i save up money over the past 3 years?? and then i realize... i paid for a lot of the wedding stuff!! jeez.. it's a vicious cycle. but hopefully with this new space.. (and the agent said that our bid was a really good one so that it looks like we might actually get it,) we can save one of my paychecks a month and then use the other one for all the expenses. becuase casey's paychecks will pay the mortgage and HOA crap. i don't know exactly what i'm rambling about i just really wanted to type and this is what came out.

ok.. love you guys..

have a safe weekend!

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