Monday, April 7, 2008


For some odd reason I have been very smiley today. Its not a special
day. I didnt get laid last night. We didnt sign papers for a house. I
have no idea what would make me so beamy. Actually, come to think of
it, it might be delirium. I didnt go to sleep until casey woke up for
work! At 3 am!!! I dont know why I keep smiling though. Usually I'd
be so grumpy you'd be afraid if I'm walking towards you. Today I cant
keep this grin off my face. And the phrase, "I love my life" keeps
popping in my head. Weird, eh??

I hope you guys are well. As you can tell, I'm doing well! And for
once, I think I'm gonna stop questioning why.

Love, love, love...

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