Wednesday, April 9, 2008


I've been trying on this new personality lately where I'm very smiley.
And it works.... For the most part... But I can't fool myself. I'm not
a cheery person all the time. I like to see the darker side of things
sometimes. Ok, most of the time. But i digress.

We weren't even able to make a bid on the condo that I wanted . And of
the two that we were interested in... That was the one that i actually
saw us living in. The other one that we bid on was for a single
bedroom loft. Cute... Quiet... Clean... TINY. I guess for now it could
do. We would make it work. But I really wanted to try and get the
other one. Which kind of makes me sad... But I guess with optimism
its that whole "the glass is half full" idea. It wasnt meant to be. At
least we got to see it.

Life is good. I shouldn't complain so much.

Love you girls.

By the way... Come this august... I'm going to have to wear dresses
for like a week straight!! Bah!

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