Tuesday, October 13, 2009

new obsessions call for new blog headers

music: field of dreams just started..
mood: anxious anxious

dear journal,
feeling listless again today..

haha.. no i'm totally kidding.. if you've seen glee from last week.. you might find that funny.. anyway..

so.. lots of new things going on with valerie and casey. we just moved into our own condo! which is exciting. and intimidating. but mostly a lot of fun. but we just started out so, we'll see in a few months if we're still going strong, both financially and maritally. :P just kidding babe...

so.. we moved.. and we're still finishing up unpacking and i need to retouch paint here and there but it's looking hundreds times better than it did when we first started cleaning it up in the beginning of august. yes.. we've had the keys since about mid august and it took me and a team of highly motivated family members to help make it presentable. i'm deeply grateful.. they have no idea how much.

we also have a new obsession.. my new banner for example.. it's Glee!!!!! every wednesday and pretty much everyday in between i somehow have a glee fix.. it's such a fun show and the music is fantastic and the cast is sexy and they're all talented and it's just a lot of fun to watch.. plus.. you can never have too many one liners! jane lynch is a comedic genius.. she's evil and insane and it's wonderful.

so... i guess that wasn't that much that's been going on.. but i just wanted to show off a new banner.. :P



  1. oh emmmm gee. sexiest blog header ever.

  2. o and yay!!! on the move...and not just the move but also the show and cheers to new obsessions!

  3. isn't it lovely.. it makes me smile.. i think i'll visit my blog a few times a day just to stare at it..

    they're all equally prominent.. not just her.. :P

    yes.. the move is a huge deal.. and i can't wait for it to be fixed up even more..


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