Thursday, August 13, 2009

i don't blog enough..

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so.. with new pics.. comes a new banner.. :P

but there are some more important things going on in my life.. like kc and i have officially become home owners!!!!

we won't move in for at least a few weeks.. it needs a lot of work.. well not a lot.. compared to the other DUMPS we looked at.. this one is in excellent condition in comparison.. but there are still things that need to be done to it so that it becomes our place..

we picked out colors for the bedroom and the bathroom.. now we need the kitchen and the living room.. plus we need to finish changing the locks and get a new sliding door and screen.. minor things..

i have our couch picked out and we bought our table from crate and barrel online the other day.. and that shit was $200 cheaper.. hell yes we're getting it!!

we'll change the carpet on the stairs after everything is moved in bc it's crappy now.. so why change it while it still can get trashed..

i'll have pictures up when the place is more presentable.. right now it's pretty bare.. and not clean yet..

so we'll see how it goes...

enjoy the banner of the adorable kStew and tLaut...

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