Saturday, July 11, 2009

such a busy week...

Mood: Hopeful hopeful
Music: oh! the microwave just went off! yum! corn dogs!

this week has been hectic.. i never have hectic weeks.. usually hectic for me is if i work at the hotel twice a week.. this week.. i've been on the go the whole time.

Monday, I went to the Giants game with the Ho, Cassie and Casey's mom. it was fun, i love those seats.. btw.. happy birthday baby J.

Tuesday, was our two year wedding anniversary.. so we went out on a date. reservation was at 730.. we were seated and already getting our appetizer at like 732.. how awesome is that!? we made it home by 930.. really good food too.. kc was a happy boy.. he's been talking about that restaurant since last april.

Wednesday, we went to look at a townhouse with our realtor and decided that we liked it. so we wrote out an offer for it and now we're waiting to hear back from the bank. they said it looks like we could be closing in the next few weeks.. but i've heard that before.. and i hate when i get my hopes up and they get shattered.. especially for this.. i need this house more than i need a baby right now. let that convey how much i need our own place. then we had to book it back home because kc was already late for his Junior Giants baseball practice where he coaches the kids.. it's like bad news bears minus the grumpy coach. meanwhile, i had to get ready to go out to dinner with kristin, meesh, and katie mehrhoff since she's in town being smart and whatnot over in berkeley. we had dinner in san francisco at Blowfish, this really yummy sushi restaurant.. then i came home.. 930 again, i believe..

Thursday, working in the morning, working at night.. and i never did get my damn fruit and yogurt parfait that i'd been craving all day.. :(

Friday, my one day to chill out at home, instead i decided that i'd take stewie to kc's baseball practice.. stewie loved it.. made lots of new friends, because he is the absolute gentlest puppy in the entire universe and just wants to be petted.. even though he's a hot mess when he goes outside bc he's all covered in dirt and muck..

which brings me to Saturday, i woke up at about 8 ish.. had an hour long text converstation with jd. she scared the shit out of my by making my brain think it was still friday and that i was late for work.. but my brain caught up and realized i don't have to be at the hotel until 1230.. but kc wanted me to go into costco to buy some stuffs.. so.. here i am.. i have to be at work in an hour.. i was gonna straighten my hair, but decided i'll do it before i go back into the hotel at 4pm for a polynesian party tonight that is ONLY serving hors d'oeuvres, but they're still having a bar.. lord, give me strength..

ok.. i am so sleeping until noon tomorrow.

peace out!

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