Monday, June 22, 2009

iphone 3g S - 3 strikes, you're out..

mood: tired tired
music: none, it's 1231 am.. kc's going to wake up in 30 minutes to go to work..

so... i've tried three times to buy the new iphone without success.. is the universe telling me that i should hold off on buying it??

i reserved my iphone for friday and i was going to go on my lunch break to pick it up.. but i had to work through lunch and couldn't even go after work because i had to head to my second job. [ strike one ]

i went out of town on saturday to my husband's family's reunion/grad party for his cousin. we didn't get back until 11pm..

this morning, sunday, i went to at&t and they didn't have them in stock. but i can order it and have it delivered to the house.. [ strike two ]

since it was still just 11 am this morning i went to the apple store at the mall in san francisco.. going through the whole process and practically having my credit card out ready to pay, it all came to a screeching halt when i needed the primary name on the account to sign for it, which is my sister.. i don't understand why, since it's family plan and i've been paying for my own since 2003.. [ strike three ] oh well.. and i'm not really even pissed that i didn't get the phone. i'm pissed at apple for having the stupid rule that you have to have the primary person there with you to purchase the phone. it makes absolutely NO SENSE to me..

so yeah.. and i don't know if it's in my head or whatever, but i swear my phone has been acting all wonky since the new phones started selling..

i'm so tired.. i'm going to sleeps..

correction.. it's 1254.. kc's alarm already went off once.. why am i still awake??

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  1. so got one. and i miss your blogs and the animated twilighty goodness.


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