Monday, September 1, 2008

Two Weeks overdue - My Sister's Wedding Post!

Well, alright!! It's about time i posted about my sister's wedding!

It's mainly just pictures because even though i was Matron of Honor, I didn't do a whole hell of a lot, because she's worse than me in dishing-out-the-duties department. She pretty much tried to to everything by herself without "inconveniencing anyone" which was dumb.. that's what we were there for. but everything in the end turned out great!! everyone was happy and drunk. and being drunk was the most important part! ahahaha.. not me.. i had one big shot of Jack and i think casey's eyes BUGGED out when i did! :D

anyway, on with the pictures!!

Chris and I... Best Man and Matron of Honor...

My sister.. who looked absolutely FLAWLESS on her wedding day!! The birdcage veil looked great on her.. she looked so classy.. and dated.. gorgeous...

The new extended familia.. btw.. my feet were killing that day.. until i changed into my chucks! :)

The happy couple!! my sister.. ever aware of the camera at all times.. they are about to get serenaded by one of Charles' co-workers.. he sang AMAZINGLY..

Momma and Daughter.. they look alike.. i on the other hand.. got my dad's looks.. :P

oops... how did he get in here.. this is a post about my sisters wedding.. oh well.. this happens to be one of my favorite pictures i took that day.

well.. since i started.. i'll just post all the pictures of casey and i!!

i get a little obsessive.. but i obsessively love this guy..

ok.. so this one is of my cousins and my sister and me.. and if you look closely casey in the back behind me.. but that's beside the point of this picture!! i thought it was nice because we took a picture similar to this at my wedding last year!! i love my cousins, we just don't get to see them a whole lot because they live in washington and texas. they only come out for weddings usually. i desperately want to drag casey up to washington to see my cousin steph's family.. anyway... below is the picture from my wedding last year.. obviously..

ok.. see.. that's wasn't so difficult.. i'll have another post with some pictures from her saturday wedding.. (hahahahah).. JD might be the only one to get that.. but she had two ceremonies one on saturday in a church and then one on sunday for her outside wedding.. and on sunday i got so burned on my chest i have a tan-line on my boobies.. :D
love you girls..


  1. awe i feel like i haven't seen you in soooo long...ur pictures made me smile! a couple more weeks yay!! and your sis looks great!

  2. i love the pics!!!! you look so pretty! cant wait to see you soon with all my other favs! :)


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