Monday, September 22, 2008

Congrats Kellianne and Brandon!!

Wow. What a weekend! I had so much fun hanging out with my Texa-Cali
Book Clubbers. We had such an awesome time. Really.... I have never
laughed so hard, so long, and so often!!

The inside jokes that we have acquired this weekend are priceless. As
are the very intimate stories. Thanks for those Danni! Hahahaha

I'll be able to type more later but I just wanted to post something
really quick and say that I love you girls and it was so so good to
see you all!

And Kellianne and Brandon, you had a beautiful wedding!! And you both
looked very happy! Have fun on your honeymoon!!!

I'll get you that bracelet KLuv. You can be an Honorary Member of our
Book Club! And no rolling you reyes! You might lose them in the back
of your head if you roll them back any farther.

Next time the Texas girls are visiting Cali.

I'll blog again when I get back home. I'm in Abilene Regional waiting
for my flight.

Again. I love you girls, thanks for the fun and memories!

That. Is. All.

I'm going home to my casey and tu'i baby. Ah whoo hoo!!!

You moved the tea!!!!!!

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  1. I weekend EVER! KLuv was incredibly happy...and it was just simply awesome.

    you moved the tea!


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