Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Moonlighting as a Twilighter...

so.. i have this friend (JD!) and she told me about this book (Twilight!) and now I have a new obsession (Thanky!)!

I read through this faster than even JD did and it's probably because i have a non existent social life and all i did for 6 days was eat, sleep, and breathe Twilight. Poor Casey... he never even saw me last week!

Six days.. over 1600 pages.. and I don't say this to brag, although i'm pretty proud of myself for reading so fast and still understanding the story. that has never happened before! i read through three books in 6 days.. that's obvious craziness. and absolute obsession!

August can't get here fast enough for Breaking Dawn to come out.

And then December can't get here fast enough for the Twilight movie to be released.. which is going to be FREAKIN' AWESOME!!!

ok.. i'm done being all FanGirly..

love you girls..

** Speaking of Twilight.. look at what this uncharacteristically clear night in the Peninsula gave to me tonight.. :)

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  1. Who rocks the house? I said uh who rocks the house? Twilight rocks tha house and rocks it all the way down!!


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